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Finally…a doll collection from Canada made for Canadian girls.  It’s been a long time coming, but well worth the wait we think.  Maplelea Girls are a wonderful collection of dolls hailing from six different Canadian provinces.  They span the country from one coast to the other.  When we were asked to review the line of dolls we chose Jenna who hails from Lunenbourg Nova Scotia. When the big blue box arrived we were pleasantly surprised…Maplelea Girls are not your average doll.  They are 18 inches tall and made of high quality vinyl with movable legs and arms and a perfectly soft (huggable) torso. Jenna’s hair is super long and soft which has given our almost 7 year old, hours of hairdressing entertainment.  All the Maplelea dolls come with a keepsake journal that tells her story.  We love that there is space for you to write in the journal too…it adds an extra connection between the doll and your little girl.  Each doll shows exactly how different and diverse we Canadian girls all are , which we think is a wonderful message to send our daughters.  You can choose a doll that has similar features, or choose one that’s completely different.  We chose Jenna because she hails from our home, Nova Scotia.  Our wee one loves that Jenna shares the same home province that she does.  When we asked her what her favorite feature of her new doll was she said that she loved the  journal that came with Jenna and that they both like to run.  The connection was instant and more profound then any other toy we’ve ever presented to her.  Maplelea also just introduced a line of twelve friend dolls.  Your child gets to choose the doll’s background and story, making the experience of owning a Maplelea Doll all the more special and rewarding.  We must warn you though that you will spend more time then you could imagine just trying to narrow down the gorgeous accessories to go with your new doll.  Expertly crafted and well thought out, the clothes and furniture are difficult to resist.  All the accessories can be worn by any of the dolls.  What’s on our little girls wish list?  The stylish Manteau De Ville with it’s red piping and snazzy messenger bag and the Polar Bear jammies.  What could be more Canadian then getting warm and cosy in pajamas adorned with a polar bear?

Want to win a Maplelea Girl for your little one?  We have a contest for our Canadian readers only…check out the Maplelea Girls website, choose your favorite doll and comment on this review.  Tell us your favorite doll and why.  Don’t worry…nothing too fancy, just a little something about why that particular doll speaks to you.  We’ll draw a random name from our comments on December 1st. Winning a doll in time for Christmas… how exciting is that?  Bon Chance mes amis!

32 thoughts on “From Canada With Love

  1. Saila is the #1 favourite! We lived in Iqaluit back when it was Frobisher Bay and even adopted two of our children from there. I’d love to win this and give it to our youngest with the Amauti (That I’d purchase, of course).

  2. My favorite doll is Saila. My wife and I lived in Nunavut for a couple of years before we had our daughter and Saila is also from Nunavut. This would be a great Chistmas gift for my daughter, and a great reminder of all the memories my wife and I made up there. A truly Canadian Doll!

  3. My daughter would love Saila. She has said that when she gets older,she wants to go to Nunavut to live for a while.

  4. I love all the dolls. But the Jenna doll is the one I like the best. She reminds me of Jennifer, a little girl who lives down the street. Jenna’s hair is the same colour and length as Jennifer’s. Both are very down-to-earth little girls.

  5. Brianne came into our lives last Christmas and my daughter couldn’t be happier. Brianne has ridden in car seats, ate popcorn, lost shoes, been to the grocery store and been a very best friend. My daughter’s imagination has no limits and Brianne has been very much a part of that. It may be time to introduce another Maplea friend to our family soon.

  6. Saila is the favorite in our household. To quote my four year old, “she is beautiful” (of course they all are ;).

  7. I love Brianna! Shes absolutely adorable, and the Maple Cabin Lodge Set is just the most adorable outfit! Awesome! Love it!

  8. My daughter loves Brianne as she has a horse and Taryn as she has a great tent and backpack. I know that if my daughter has a doll with a horse -eventually I’ll be hearing about wanting a horse again. Nope, I am liking that Taryn!

  9. My favourite doll is Saila. I was born in Yellowknife, NWT, so the Northern culture is very important to me and is something I would like my daughter to learn about. Saila would be a great way to explain where I came from and teach my daughter about different heritages in this vast and beautiful country of ours.

  10. I have to say Jenna! She is the only Maritimer so gotta love that! Close to my daughter’s roots, she would love her!