We Found The Best Organic Tights Ever!

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We are constantly on the hunt and prowl for the perfect tights for our little girl.  The kind of tights that stay up (how many times do we stop on the walk to school to discreetly yank her tights up?)…the kind of tights that keep their shape ( no drooping!) and look good after more then a few washes (fading & pilling are the worst).  We think we may have found our dream tights…and they’re made of organic cotton…it’s enough to make a mommy jump for joy.  Luna Leggings are fast becoming the talk of Hollywood mommies and we can testify as to why.  These vibrant organic tights look amazing while keeping our sweety warm, covered up and above all else comfortable.  She has yet to pull and fuss with them, so they are miracle tights in this mommas eyes.  Celeb moms like Jennifer Garner, Sara Jessica Parker and Alyson Hannigan have been featured in all the magazines with their tots wearing Luna Leggings this season.  We love all the brights stripes and gorgeous flower designs, and the inspiration that nature and the environment has had on the designers of this company.  The Butterfly Footless tights (pictured above) are hands down our absolute favorite.  Check their stunning Holiday Collection as well…we promise you won’t be disappointed.