A Scarf So Lovely That We Want It To Snow

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Are you as short on time and patience as we are?  Are your mornings filled with rushing about…feeding the baby while chasing the toddler while trying to make sure the school aged family members have their lunch packed?  With all the insanity that goes along with the morning rush, we really appreciate clothes that look good, feel comfortable and make us feel confident.  Baukjen is a gorgeous women’s wear line from London that we are completely in love with.  Created by the founders of  celeb mom fave Isabella Oliver Maternity, Baukjen has all the essentials and pieces to help you build your wardrobe after you had your baby. The designs are timeless, helping you create the perfect mommy uniform with little effort. What are we coveting from Baukjen at this very moment?  Their chic Ros Rib Scarf in forest green .  It’s our winter wardrobe staple.  It gets worn everyday…snow, sun and even light rain.  Totally perfect for a layered look and long enough to wrap like a super model.  You can literally pair it with anything to bring just about any outfit up a notch.  The deep ribs and soft merino cotton mix are warm enough for any cold winter day (we’re Canadian…we know just how cold it can get) and will make you look super fashionable on the school run. A little Baukjen may be all you need to make your mommy day a wee bit more manageable…and stylish.