Hip, Retro & Practical

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Now that the presents are all unwrapped, the tree is (hopefully) on the curb, and the kids are back at school, its time to put up your feet and relax.  We’ve been propping our wooly socked feet up on mounds of unfolded laundry while fooling around on the iPad…perusing great blogs (Cup Of Jo & MomFilter will keep you from getting anything done for hours…) and sipping coffee.  How are we protecting our greatest form of distraction lately?  With a super hip iPad sleeve designed by Julia Rothman from Chronicle Books.  It’s cushioned with fleece on the inside, has a  zipper around 3 sides for easy access and it looks just so completely retro chic.  We’ll admit…our kids still can’t even quite grasp what a typewriter is…our world is well beyond that now.  But for those of us who remember the clickity clack and could still unstick a key with our eyes closed, this cover is totally for you.