Fancy Tees & Onesies You’ll Want…We Promise

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Is it finally Spring yet?  Must be, as we finally gave in and let our youngest toss her coat off at the playground to run about in her tee shirt and jeans. No hat, no mitts and no coat.  Finally!  Time to pack up the woolies and break out the onesies and short sleeves.  Our baby of the family finally got to sport her new artist designed shirt from Wordsation, a very hip and completely cool childrens wear company.  They take a very soft and basic tee shirt or onesie and have an artist’s design applied to the fabric.  The animal characters are very appealing to both children and adults.  They look sharp, clever and still remain kid friendly and fashionably quirky.  Love the bear on a unicycle, and the cat and his hat.  The detail and whimsy is so unheard of in most kids clothes.  Wordsation’s tees and onesies would make an amazing baby shower gift, especially if you used their subscription option where a new onesie arrives every few months as the baby grows.  That would put a smile on any new mom’s face.