Adventure Awaits!

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Do you have a crafty kid at your house?  Someone who sees potential in old cereal boxes and milk cartons?  We have just that person living with us and she was thrilled to get Box World Adventures by Suzy Ultman.  It’s this super neat craft pack that comes with everything you need to make everyday cardboard boxes into such amazing things like British double deckers, Dutch windmills and Scottish castles. You and your mini artist can even re create the Great Wall and the Eiffel Tower.  It comes with lots of stickers and an instruction book that’s very easy to follow.  What do we like most about it?  The slick design and attention to detail used.  The finished projects look good enough to display and have provided hours of entrainment at our house.  It’s certainly much easier for the 7 & up crowd, but with a little help and guidance, even your 5 year old can get in on the fun.  The whole book of crafts will make you want to check out all the last minute flight  deals to Europe and will keep you day dreaming of Paris all day.