All Grown Up

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Want to make your toddler smile?  Let them use a big kid glass for there milk and cookies break. Kids love to be trusted with  grown up type stuff and getting to use real glasses at meal and snack time is a major moment for them.  How do you let your kids learn to be independent while keeping them safe?  It’s not always easy, but with the Siliskin glasses from Silikids you are definitely on the right track.  Silikids uses easy to wash and clean silicone as a cool sleeve over the glass…keeps your child safe, makes the grip easier, and the silicone cover has extra shock absorption for the times when kids do spill milk (whoever said don’t cry over spilled milk was not a mother…or at least never had to clean it up!).  Our kids love them and have yet to cause one single crack or break…not from a lack of accidentally trying. The sleek packaging in a recycled poster tube makes the glasses a fabulous present for a toddler who’s ready to take that next step.  Totally dishwasher safe, and BPA free, these glasses are always half full.

Leave a comment here and mention another must have product from the hip folks at Silikids…you will win one of there super indispensable silicone bibs if chosen.  Leave your comment by May 30th midnight Mountain time.