Who’s Your Hero?

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Want to hear about a children’s clothing company that really is doing something truly different and unique?  We thought you would.  Wee Rascals is a super cool clothing line created and run by two very hip moms that want to share their love of real super heroes with you.  What’s a real super hero?  Well, it’s not Batman…or Spiderman or the Hulk for starters.  Wee Rascals creates tees with vintage inspired images of real people who have done good deeds, moved millions and had a lasting impact on our world.  Real people like Abraham Lincoln, Sir Isaac Newton, Susan B Anthony, and Joan Of Arc.  Such a brilliant concept, right? One of those ” I wish I had thought of that” ideas…but thankfully the folks at Wee Rascals have done it all for you.  The soft cotton designs come in tanks, onsies, raglans and short sleeved tees. The color choices are bright and eye catching, but we have to say our favorite is the neon yellow with Sir Isaac himself in the long sleeved version ( full disclosure…I am married to an engineer with a physics degree…all that math and physics has grown on me…).  Perfect for summer days when paired with shorts and looks pretty hip when pulled together with dark jeans for a family supper out with mom and dad.  Everyone will be asking you where you got such a freaking cool shirt.