Drink Up With Beatrix NY

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Anyone else have trouble getting their kids to drink water these days? You spend 20 minutes in the morning before school looking for a water bottle,digging through three kitchen cupboards in  hopes of finding something to send water to class in …you hand it to Junior only to have them ignore it all day, get too warm to drink, and have it leak all over their art project. Sigh. All that work for nothing. That was our daily ritual until we discovered Beatrix NY’s cozy cans. What’s a cozy can? Well…they are these very eye catching beverage containers made of stainless steel that keep drinks warm or cold. Designed to look like soda cans with super cute characters and logos, these water bottles have my strong willed pre schooler downing her daily requirements of H20. As a mom I love the sturdy feel and durability of these bpa and lead free containers and I also appreciate that they really do keep water cold and a cup of coco nice and warm on cool morning walks. Sometimes with kiddos it’s all in the presentation and Beatrix nailed it with these super hip, kid friendly designs.  Celeb moms that have been known to use Beatrix NY’s creations include Victoria Beckham, Katie Holms and Keri Russel…not bad company if we do say so ourselves.  We get stopped everyday by parents asking where they too can get one for their child.  Look no further then here.  Happy sipping awaits!