Cupcakes & A Royal Baby

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There are very few things better then a delicious cupcake. If the cupcake happens to be from Sprinkles Cupcakes, a celebrity mom well known favorite (yes, we’re talking about you Katie), then even better. We were invited to try out Sprinkles Royal Baby Gender Reveal Cupcakes today in Chicago. Everyone is anticipating the birth of the new prince or princess and Sprinkles has a creative and yummy take on the lead up to Kate having her baby…gorgeously decorated chocolate or vanilla cupcakes topped with a crown that are either filled with blue or pink cream. The cupcakes will be available until Kate & William’s baby is born, then Sprinkles Cupcakes will start baking “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” cupcakes for the entire week following the birth. How fabulous is that? We only hope that Kate is lucky enough to have a few specially delivered to her before her delivery day…and in case you are wondering we “had a girl”. Most delicious cupcakes ever.

She Likes The iPad Too

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We think the baby likes the new iPad2 as much as we do.  This is a pic we took with the iPad camera  right after we opened it…or tore open the package in excitement…depends who you ask.  Love all the features so far and we must admit that we are a bit blurry eyed from staying up too late playing with all our new apps….good thing the baby sleeps well.  Favorite app thus far?  Gotta be the Flipboard .  So cool. You pick all the subjects you like to read about…add in some news….twitter (if you’re into that)…some Oprah, a dash of Bon Appetit and some fave blogs (like ours….) and presto!  You have a personalized magazine at your finger tips, which we find is best enjoyed while the kids nap and you have a very large coffee while in Continue reading »

Stroll Like Angelina

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Those super yummy JOLIE PITTS were out strolling around their neighborhood in New Orleans again, just like us normal folk.  Looking ever so stylish and hip, momma ANGELINA pushes her two little girls, ZAHARA and SHILOH around town in the MACLAREN TWIN TECHNO STROLLER.  Great stroller and very convenient if you have two wee ones.  What will the ever expanding family do if the rumors of an impending adoption are true?  They’ll have to invest in a three seater.  ANGELINA is said to have filed for adoption in VIETNAM.  ANGELINA has said in past interviews that she wants her and BRAD to have all their kids while they are still young. All that, and BRAD PITT….she is one lucky momma. SOURCE : photo from PEOPLE

Angelina and family
[phpzon] MACLAREN TECHNO , 3[/phpzon]
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Dress Like Suri Cruise

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Oh to be filthy rich like the TOMKAT’S of the world!  If we were, we would fly to Paris, meet up with our good friend VICTORIA BECKHAM, go to a few fashion shows and view the collections and end the day with a tres bon dejeuner at a French brasserie.  After lunch we would drop over $11,000 (American!) on pretty dresses for baby SURI at the fabulous baby couture store BAGHERE (  According to US WEEKLY, that’s just what MRS.TOM CRUISE did.  Not every mommy can afford haute couture baby clothes.  After a little searching at  the GAP and OLD NAVY, we found some baby clothes that will help your little bubba pull off that chic French look, for a lot less.

Looking for a sweet little coat?  The one above comes from BAGHERE, and the one below is from THE GAP and only costs $44.50


To copy the gorgeous floral jumper and chapeau up top from BAGHERE, OLD NAVY has a similar and more affordable option.  You see?  You don’t need TOM and KATIE’S millions to dress your baby like a movie star.

old navyold navy


Go Ahead And Be a Show Off

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Two celebs who couldn’t be more different are fans of the same baby and mommy clothing line.  GWYNETH PALTROW, Oscar winning actress and TORI SPELLING, of 90210 fame both enjoy the creations of LITTLE SHOW OFFS ( I can’t blame them, LITTLE SHOW OFFS makes the sweetest (not cute…there is enough cute baby clothes out there) tees and onesies for your baby and they also make some sassy tees for mommies too.  I love the “EAT SLEEP POOP CRY” onesie.  So funny and yet so true.  They have been featured in PEOPLE and INSTYLE mags and gifted to tons of stars at swag events.  Mommy GWYNNIE loves their organic line of tees for kiddies and her own red PREGNANCY ICON tank.  TORI was photographed this week sporting the ICON tank as well looking great after a day at the hair salon, have a look at a pic from PEOPLE here to see her and her CANADIAN husband DEAN:


Can you believe those two are doing a reality show called TORI and DEAN INN LOVE, where they buy a B&B with papa Aaron’s inheritance and try and run it?  So tacky, but yes I am ashamed to admit I will watch it! It starts in March on the Oxygen network.

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Tori Goes Shopping

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toriMemo to TORI SPELLING….Crocs are so over.  We have said it time and time again here at Celebrity Baby Clothes that Crocs are great for work, fab for the beach, and fine for yard work….but that’s it.  SPELLING and husband number two (Tori was married for a nanosecond to hubby number one in a million dollar wedding back in 2004) were spotted shopping for baby gear at Babies “R” US in Calabasas, California recently.  Baby crocs were on the shopping list and TORI and DEAN ( a TV movie of the week, Canadian actor who left his wife and two children while filming with Miss Spelling in Ottawa) were snapped looking at a pair of itty bitty blue crocs.  As reported by PEOPLE, the new couple who were married last May in Fiji, know they are having a boy.  So TORI, please, unless your new little one plans on doing some yard work, ditch the crocs and follow KATIE HOLMES and JENNIFER GARNER’S lead and get him some ROBEEZE or SEE KAI RUN shoes.  SOURCE : pic from
[phpzon] see kai run, 3 [/phpzon]

Kitson’s The Place To Be

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Where are all the celeb moms dropping there million dollar paychecks this holiday season?  KITSON is THE place to be for all your celebrity stalking this year.  Momma ANGELINA JOLIE and DENISE RICHARDS were spotted making some purchases for their kiddies at the Robertson BLVD shopping mecca.(Wonder if Jennifer A. bumped into Angie while shopping for Goddaughter COCO? Can you say awkward?).  Anyway, KITSON and KITSON KIDS is the place to get all those last minute Christmas gifts for the little celeb baby in your life.  They have such funky and unique clothes for children, and while you shop you never know what star you’ll bump into.  DENISE picked up some LITTLE MISS hoodies and BONG GIRL tees for her little girls with CHARLIE SHEEN.  Although…Denise is looking so tiny herself these days she could have been shopping for herself.  SOURCE, pic of Angelina

Heidi Klum Has a Boy

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HEIDI KLUM AND SEALHEIDI KLUM ans her  husband SEAL welcomed their latest edition to their ever expanding family. JOHAN RILEY FYODOR TAIWO SAMUEL was  born at approx five PM Wednesday in Los Angeles. JOHAN joins siblings HENRY (1) and LENI (2).  According to her posting on her website, “HE IS HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL AND LOOKS JUST LIKE HIS MOTHER”.  Congrats on your new buba!

Katie Loves Armani

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katie and tom and suriThe countdown has begun.  TOM and KATIE are about to make it legal in Rome on Saturday, and love them or hate them it’s all your going to hear about for the next few days.  So we thought we’d keep you updated on the mommy and baby fashions during the big event.  Since KATE’S big trip to Paris last month with Posh Spice, all you see her in is ARMANI, and does she ever look stunning…(goodbye Joey’s tee shirts and pony tails, Hello tailored blouses and fab tresses ).  Not only is Mr. ARMANI designing TOMKAT’S wedding day attire, he seems to be outfitting their entire trip.   Last night KATIE looked exceptionally chic in a face framing ARMANI satin and organza blouse and white flowing pants.  Her hair was pulled up into a stylish twist and the smile on her face lit up the room.  Baby Suri was wearing a sweet white dress and white tights while being carried by her papa ( this child clearly wasn’t planning on eating that night).  Rumor has it that SURI’S  dress for the big day is from PETIT TRESOR ( in Beverly Hills.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  Check back here for all the latest on the wedding week fashions.  SOURCE:, pic from