Fabulous Cookbook Gets Your Tots Eating Well

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I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for anything OPRAH loves. Her favorites become my must haves. When I saw celebrity mommy, and wife of JERRY SEINFELD, JESSICA SEINFELD on OPRAH last week talking about how to get kids to eat their veggies, my ears immediately perked up. Dinner time has become a battle at our house, with the toddler winning hands down. She practically lives off of grill cheese sandwiches. I’ll also admit that I didn’t even thumb through the book at the shop before I threw my visa down…but there was no need as this cookbook on how to hide veggies in everyday healthy meals is brilliant. Easy to read and follow with fantastic tips from other moms waging meal wars at home. Love the recipes and art work…besides being useful, this book is super cute looking. As a mommy who loves cookbooks (Jamie and Nigella are my kitchen heroes), DECEPTIVELY DELICIOUS gets the style right by using spiral rings to make page turning easier and keeps your book open while you stir and chop…thanks Jessica. Our favorite recipes? Has to be the French Toast and the Brownies (who new that carrots and spinach could be hidden so well?). So stop freaking at the dinner table…hide the veggies and sit back and smile knowing your kids are getting a healthy meal. Get your sanity back with : Deceptively Delicious

Win It Mommas!

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Last week we told you about ROCK STAR MOMMA, the fabulous book by SKYE HOPPUS on how to stay hip and fresh during those nine months of swollen feet, nausea and an expanding waist line.  Her advice is priceless and the book is a must have for all you pregnant mommas out there.  Style tips and advice from GWYNETH PALTROW and tons of other chic celeb moms to help you feel your best .  ROCK STAR MOMMA will help you embrace your growing bust line and baby bump. Now you can win your copy just by telling us the name of SKYE'S line of delicious clothes for moms to be and children.  Check out www.rockstarmomma.com for help with the answer and email us here at celebritybabyclothescontest@gmail.com by Monday at midnight.   We have 3 books to giveaway, so the first 3 mommas to answer correctly win.   

If you missed our review of ROCK STAR MOMMA (shame on you) then check it out here .

9 Months Of Beauty

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RocK Star Momma

Yes, yes, we know…your hormones are going wacky…you can’t button your Sevens, and you have more pimples than the 14 year old paper boy.  What’s a momma-to-be to do?  Wipe away those tears, and cozy up with a copy of ROCK STAR MOMMA, by the fabulous SKYE HOPPUS, clothing designer of all things hip for moms and children.  This book will help you through every fashion crisis a pregnant women experiences, from what jeans will look chic and stylish, to how to pick out the perfect tee throughout each trimester.  SKYE’S book encourages you to embrace your changing body and teaches you how to dress to show off your growing belly.  No need to hide under an old college tee momma…show it off in a sleek and yummy outfit that will let the world know that you’re expecting.  We love the books forward from our most favorite celeb momma GWYNETH PALTROW, a true fashion icon herself.  With advice from yummy mummies like JENNIE GARTH (we are still waiting for our 90210 reunion), and ELLE MACPHERSON (we swear by her La Mere maternity bra) how could you go wrong?  Trust us, you will love this must have guild to feeling marvelous and looking spectacular through your own 9 months.  Check out SKYE’S fashion advice at www.rockstarmomma.com. While you’re at it, have a peek at her delicious clothes at www.childishclothing.com

Rock Star Momma: The Hip Guide to Looking Gorgeous Through All Nine Months and Beyond

Are You Wiped?

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Rebecca EcklerBeing a mom is many things.  Some wonderful, some not so wonderful and thousands of crazy moments in between.  Canadian author and journalist REBECCA ECKLER captures all these moments and then some in her book about life with a newborn, or “pint sized dictator ” as she so accurately puts it.  Rebecca tells it like it is, warts and all.  Anyone who has experienced those first few months of no sleep and, at times endless crying (both yours and the baby’s) will enjoy reading Rebecca’s take on how life changes after baby.  I must admit I was skeptical after learning soon into the book that they hired a nanny to help out.  However, that just made the situations she described so much more interesting and at times down right funny.  We all know how difficult it is to connect and make small talk with a stranger.  Just imagine that stranger in your home after you gave birth to a baby.  Everyday. First thing in the morning.  I couldn’t do it.  Rebecca also captures a mom’s need to be with her baby and the need to do that even when out on a much needed date with your significant other (Remember? The reason you got into this in the first place). After reading this hilarious and true to life account of new motherhood, I also felt a little less guilty.  Someone else puts their stroller into the sun while walking the baby to get them to close their eyes and go to sleep?  I feel better knowing I’m not the only one.  Thank you Rebecca.

Order a copy of Wiped: Life With A Pint-Sized Dictator here.  Wait till your little dictator is napping and curl up with your book and a cup of tea.

Wiped!: Life with a Pint-size Dictator

Knocked Up: Confessions of a Hip Mother-to-be

Canadian shoppers can check out Chapters for their copy of Rebacca’s tale of motherhood:

Show Your Baby The World

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This Is LondonThis Is Paris

The life of a celebrity baby is breakfast in LA, lunch somewhere over the Atlantic and supper in French hotel while mommy goes to Fashion week.  With such a hectic schedule, whats a celebrity kiddie to do?  Miroslav Sasek has been trying to teach children about exciting travel and fabulous European cities since 1959.  His classic stories on the most traveled cities of the world are sought after by parents who want to show their children where they are jetting off to.  Elegant and grand, these books show a child the excitement and wonder of amazing cities such as Paris, London and New York.  They will light the fire of travel in your little one and most definitely become bedtime favorites for years to come. ANGELINA and BRAD, celeb uber parents better stock up on the whole series the way they travel.  Congrats to them on the arrival of their forth child, Pax Thien Jolie, a Vietnamese orphan adopted by ANGELINA this week.

Amazon has the entire series, just click the links below.

This is Rome (This is . . .)

This is Paris (This is . . .)

This is London (This is . . .)

Canadian readers can get their Miroslav Sasek fix at Chapters.