Yes, You Do Need Another Baby Blanket

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blanket-3 blanket-7

It’s getting cold and nippy out there mommy…time to get the warm blankets out and cuddle up.  What baby blankets are we super sussed about this season?  The fabulous designs and creations from Big Fat Hen, a family run company that makes gorgeous baby blankets, and organic sleep sacks.  We have their unbelievable soft blanket in Lily’s Flowers…so pretty, and just the perfect size for our stroller and car seat.  We also think it makes a brilliant play mat for when baby is having a bit of tummy time, as they can gaze at the bright patterns or feel and rub the soft fabric on the underside.  Very functional.  Gifted to fancy stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey, these blankets are sure to impress even your fussiest mommy friend, and make a stylish, yet practical gift.


Baby Tub For A Modern Mommy

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pink tub Flexi

You never know what you’ve been missing till after you have it.  In our case it was a fabulous baby bathtub.  We’ve been using a very appreciated second hand tub for our wee ones.  It never occurred to us that even a baby tub can be stylish and functional…until we heard about the Flexi Bathfrom Europe made by the hip Danish folks at Real Cool World.  Available in North America only since April (you could be one of the first to have one) ,it comes in gorgeous colors and had a no slip bottom.  Best part?  It folds up flat so you can store it under a bed, in a cupboard or on a shelf.  You can use your space more efficiently and be even more organized…or don’t fold it up ever just so you can show your too brilliant for words baby tub to all your mommy friends.  Perfect for small spaces and it would make very a memorable baby shower gift.  Promise.


Posh Nursery Decor

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Decorating your child’s room can be challenging. You want it to look fun and inviting, while displaying some of mommy’s style too. You want a little of your chic taste mixed with their adventurous imagination. We found a fabulous design company called Whistle & Wink that keeps both the toddler and I happy when it comes to decorating her room. We went with their Toile China Doll theme and simply love it. The quality is top of the line, the pattern is classy and adds a retro Asian flare to her room. We especially love the hand stitched pink Nightingale Pillow. It’s absolutely gorgeous and brings the whole room together. Pillows make a great starter piece when you’re trying to decide how to decorate your tot’s room. This timeless pillow could inspire you in so many ways. Have a peek at Whistle & Winks gorgeous creations at