From Canada With Love

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Finally…a doll collection from Canada made for Canadian girls.  It’s been a long time coming, but well worth the wait we think.  Maplelea Girls are a wonderful collection of dolls hailing from six different Canadian provinces.  They span the country from one coast to the other.  When we were asked to review the line of dolls we chose Jenna who hails from Lunenbourg Nova Scotia. When the big blue box arrived we were pleasantly surprised…Maplelea Girls are not your average doll.  They are 18 inches tall and made of high quality vinyl with movable legs and arms and a perfectly soft (huggable) torso. Jenna’s hair is super long and soft which has given our almost 7 year old, hours of hairdressing entertainment.  All the Maplelea dolls come with a keepsake journal that tells her story.  We love that there is space for you to write in the journal too…it adds an extra connection between the doll and your little girl.  Each doll shows exactly how different and diverse we Canadian girls all are , which we think is a wonderful message to send our daughters.  You can choose a doll that has similar features, or choose one that’s completely different.  We chose Jenna because she hails from our home, Nova Scotia.  Our wee one loves that Jenna shares the same home province that she does.  When we asked her what her favorite feature of her new doll was she said that she loved the  journal that came with Jenna and that they both like to run.  The connection was instant and more profound then any other toy we’ve ever presented to her.  Maplelea also just introduced a line of twelve friend dolls.  Your child gets to choose the doll’s background and story, making the experience of owning a Maplelea Doll all the more special and rewarding.  We must warn you though that you will spend more time then you could imagine just trying to narrow down the gorgeous accessories to go with your new doll.  Expertly crafted and well thought out, the clothes and furniture are difficult to resist.  All the accessories can be worn by any of the dolls.  What’s on our little girls wish list?  The stylish Manteau De Ville with it’s red piping and snazzy messenger bag and the Polar Bear jammies.  What could be more Canadian then getting warm and cosy in pajamas adorned with a polar bear?

Want to win a Maplelea Girl for your little one?  We have a contest for our Canadian readers only…check out the Maplelea Girls website, choose your favorite doll and comment on this review.  Tell us your favorite doll and why.  Don’t worry…nothing too fancy, just a little something about why that particular doll speaks to you.  We’ll draw a random name from our comments on December 1st. Winning a doll in time for Christmas… how exciting is that?  Bon Chance mes amis!

Play Town By MoMa…Build A City In A Day!

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MoMa’s Play Town, Illustrated by Laura Ljungkvist

We have the perfect rainy day activity for you and the kids…and you wont need scissors or glue (or a broom after to clean up). It’s MoMa’s Play Town, a build your own city scape with buildings, streets, signs and a park.  You just fit the slots together and display your town anyway you like.  We love how colorful the buildings are with their eye catching bright patterns.  Once it’s all put together you can have your little one gather their own little cars and people to add to the city…they’ll be busy and working hard using their imagination for hours…you might even have time to sip a coffee and read a section of the paper while the kids play, mom!  It would make a brilliant display used as decoration for a childs room as well.  Functional, educational,and just plain fun.  It’s our new go present to for the upcoming Birthdays once school starts up again.


Rosie’s At It Again

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It’s a well know fact around here that Rosie Flo coloring books are the best around.  Her fashion themed coloring books, with dresses that you have to add the face and arms and legs yourself are so original and inspiring. It’s no small wonder then that her Coloring Fashion Show is a total hit in our house.  Take Rosie’s fashionable dresses, add a paper pop up stage and runway, add some spectators, a poodle and paper invites and voila…you’ll have the most entertaining and quite stunning afternoon art project to work on with your kids.  We loved how easy it was to construct, and that when you’re done you truly have an original piece of art that you can play with.  We added lots of little extras like red glitter glue and adhesive crowns from our art box to make it one of a kind ( we also played Madonna music and invited some Polly pockets and Star War figures to the show once we finished coloring).  The true beauty of this crafty coloring project is that you can decorate it anyway you like…use crayons or fancy markers…add feathers to their dresses or keep it simple using only neutral shades…it’s up to your wee one to create and direct their very first fashion show.  You’ll have a blast too, as we know we did. This makes a fabulous birthday gift for the 5-10 crowd.  Who doesn’t like pop up dolls and coloring?

Want to win one of Rosie’s fashion shows of your very own?  Just comment on this review and we’ll enter your name in a draw.  Simple and easy.  Bonne Chance!

New Toys & Contest From Fisher Price

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Who doesn’t have a favorite toy from Fisher Price?  The classic farm…the camera complete with flash on top…the old school house.  Which was your fave?  Ours was the castle, now considered vintage, that we played with at our best friend’s house (lots of arguments over who could have the queen).  Fisher Price keeps coming up with new and exciting toys to keep your little ones learning and entertained.  Their latest addition Continue reading »

Happy Birthday Sophie!

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When you’re turning 50, you deserve a big party…and that’s just what Petit Tresor did in honor of Sophie The Giraffe. Wish we could have made it to West Hollywood to see celeb guests such as Ali Landry and daughter Estela and Cortney Mazza with daughter Gia (daddy is Mario Lopez). Both brought toys to donate to Baby Buggy, snacked on Sweet E’s cupcakes (yum), made their own custom Silly Bandz packs, and took photos for flip books made by A Little Scene.  The grown ups even sipped champagne from Nicolas Feuillatte …oh la la.  Sounds very posh and quite fancy.  Just as it should be when you are celebrating the birthday of France’s favorite baby toy.  Keep up the good work Soph…you’ve kept thousands of teething babies content and thousands of mommies sane.

100% Recycled Fun

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Every boy (or girl for that matter) needs a toy dump truck.  It’s just one of those things.  Total necessity.  It’s a classic and solid choice for a Christmas gift…what little boy doesn’t want to zoom around Christmas morning filling his dump truck up with holiday bows and his sister’s precious toys?  This year we picked Green Toy’s much sought after yellow and red dump truck.   Made completely from recycled milk jugs and free from nasty chemicals ( not a drop of BPA’s in this vehicle) and also free of batteries, funny sounds and remote controls. Perfect for indoors and out and it’s lite enough to pack up and take it with you for playdates.  Love the fair price too.  We think this toy sends the right message to tots…not too excessive, earth friendly and tons of fun.  Green Toys and their fabulous environmentally friendly creations will be making an appearance under our tree this year, what about yours?


Sophisticated & Stylish…Just What We Like

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Shopping online for childrens clothing is just about the smartest mommy tip we can hand along to you. It’s fast, easy, and very satisfying.  There’s no temper tantrums to deal with (at least till the visa bill comes…)…you don’t have to spend a sunny day at the dreaded mall and you can do it in the comfort of your home, snuggled up on the couch sipping a yummy coffee (or needed glass of vino).  One of our favorite places to shop is Little Milk Junkie.  They carry the creme de la creme of kids clothes and the service is divine.  Our latest purchase?  The Navy & White Striped Dress from Petit Bateau.  It’s a true classic, easy to wash and wear and looks fabulous paired with dark denim capris or alone with sun kissed bare feet.  You can bet we’ll be back for more from their collection of threads from Kate Mac and Charlie Rocket. So momma, after they’re all tucked in, flip on the computer, pour whatever keeps you going and have a look at all the fab clothes at Little Milk Junkie.  You will thank us later.


Too Posh For Words

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Plain Mary has got to be the most fabulous line of baby gear we’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.  The simple and elegant designs and posh extras makes it suitable for the mommy who knows quality and style and will not settle for anything less.  What did we choose to spoil our little pumpkin (and ourselves) with?  Plain Marys signature Kensington Play mat.  Quilted micro sued fabric that’s as soft as it is rich looking.  We went with the deep chocolate brown and ivory stitched bear.  You can have it monogrammed with babe’s name if you like too. Not only is it celeb worthy, but we’re sure it’s fit for future king’s and queens to play on too . Brad and Angie along with Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez (she’ll always be Jenny from the block to us) all have a little Plain Mary sprucing up their baby’s nursuries too.  We think this mat is worth the investment and know you’ll be passing it onto future generations…it’s that fabulous.  At least Jenny and I think so.  Add some classy and understated style to your baby’s play time with the upscale designs at

Once you’re done drooling over all their creations, take a few moments to enter our fabulous contest…you can win a Kensington play mat of your own.  Yes…you heard us.  We have one to give away.  Tell us three other products from Plain Mary you love and we will enter your name in a random draw.  Send your email to by Sunday at midnight. Good Luck mommies!

Scoot In Style

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Ever get a twinge of mommy guilt while you watch your little crawler scooting around the house bumping and scraping his knees from room to room?  We have and we’re sure you have too.  We’ve discovered something that may just melt that troublesome mommy guilt away…well, some of it anyway.  Silikids makes these absolutely brilliant fabric and silicone knee pads that come in four vibrant color combos. These knee pads are made of toxin free and hypoallergenic material,which helps with that pesky mom guilt again. They have kept our new little mover and shakers knees boo boo free. They have a modern hip look too, perfect for playdates.  Best past momma?  They can be tossed in the washer and dryer…fabulous! Love Silikids bibs and baby bottles too.  They’ve been added to our “must have ” list.  Check our these smart silicone creations at