Baby Tub For A Modern Mommy

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pink tub Flexi

You never know what you’ve been missing till after you have it.  In our case it was a fabulous baby bathtub.  We’ve been using a very appreciated second hand tub for our wee ones.  It never occurred to us that even a baby tub can be stylish and functional…until we heard about the Flexi Bathfrom Europe made by the hip Danish folks at Real Cool World.  Available in North America only since April (you could be one of the first to have one) ,it comes in gorgeous colors and had a no slip bottom.  Best part?  It folds up flat so you can store it under a bed, in a cupboard or on a shelf.  You can use your space more efficiently and be even more organized…or don’t fold it up ever just so you can show your too brilliant for words baby tub to all your mommy friends.  Perfect for small spaces and it would make very a memorable baby shower gift.  Promise.


Sophisticated & Stylish…Just What We Like

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Shopping online for childrens clothing is just about the smartest mommy tip we can hand along to you. It’s fast, easy, and very satisfying.  There’s no temper tantrums to deal with (at least till the visa bill comes…)…you don’t have to spend a sunny day at the dreaded mall and you can do it in the comfort of your home, snuggled up on the couch sipping a yummy coffee (or needed glass of vino).  One of our favorite places to shop is Little Milk Junkie.  They carry the creme de la creme of kids clothes and the service is divine.  Our latest purchase?  The Navy & White Striped Dress from Petit Bateau.  It’s a true classic, easy to wash and wear and looks fabulous paired with dark denim capris or alone with sun kissed bare feet.  You can bet we’ll be back for more from their collection of threads from Kate Mac and Charlie Rocket. So momma, after they’re all tucked in, flip on the computer, pour whatever keeps you going and have a look at all the fab clothes at Little Milk Junkie.  You will thank us later.


Why Yes, I have Been Working Out

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Now that the holidays are well over and Valentines Day is a mess of red chocolate boxes shoved under your unmade bed, don’t you think it’s time to take control and do something that makes you look (hot) and feel better? We felt the same way and started using our Bootcamp For Butts gift pack from the super fabulous Mama Mio. A celeb fave (Tori and Christina are known fans) and must have, Mama Mio has been our best friend since we had our first baby. These ladies know skin care and have created a line that keeps mamas and mamas-to-be looking gorgeous and more importantly feeling better. The Bootcamp For Butts has been our daily ritual for 30 days and we must say our bum has never looked better (well, perhaps when we were 17, but that’s another story). The brilliant kit comes with a yummy exfoliator, a necessary toner for your tummy and this brilliant cream called Shrink To Fit. It smells delish and really makes your cellulite appear less “cellulity”. We can’t even find places on our bottom that we used to fuss about…where did the cellulite go? Beauty bible Elle magazine added it to there 50 Hero Products list. We agree. Bootcamp also includes a quick exercise program that makes your bum toned and looking very “pre baby-ish”. This little miracle box paired with diligent application helped us get beach ready and feel in control of our saggy bits.

Want a new bum for the summer? Well we can’t promise quite that, however we can help you smooth, tone and feel pretty with our contest giveaway. Go to the Mama Mio product page  and tell us 3 products you’ve used or would like to use from Mama Mio and email us at We’ll send one random and lucky winner a Bootcamp For Butts. It’s that easy…good luck!

All Natural & Handmade For Baby & Mom

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Yes we did it…we stole from the baby. When something smells and feels this good, mommy needs some too. maybe “steal” is too strong of a word….perhaps “borrow” is better. Every time we slather on baby Pudding cream from Baby Breaux we like to scoop a little out for ourselves and rub it on our dry hands, feet and elbows. Hands get so dry this time of year and with all that extra hand washing after changing diapers and spit ups you really need a strong enough cream that will chase that dry skin away. It makes our little bambino smell super delicious and his skin is, well…as soft as a baby. Love that it’s free of nasty chemicals and parabens. Baby Breaux uses natural essential oils and ingredients like Aloe Butter to get the perfect combo of safe and effective. Have a look at their absolutely celeb worthy line at

Pucker Up Santa

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We love things that come in tiny packages. Especially when the package is shiny, smells yummy and is vintage looking. Must be why we are smitten with our fabulous three pack of organic lip balms from Baby Bear Shop. Featured in this months British Vogue, and gifted to all those lucky celebs at the SAG awards (they must have lost my ticket in the mail…) Baby Bear is making quite a name for itself among the Hollywood crowd.  In our stylish opinion, we think this is the “it” lip balm of the year. Love the smooth feel and the touch of shine it’s added to our lips. If we were forced to choose a favorite balm we’d have to pick the pomegranate. Perfect for all those stockings you need to stuff. Baby Bear Shop is also well known for their cult classic Cheeky Baby Butter, which we are utterly addicted to as well. Super hydrating and made with all things organic and plant derived like lavender oil and shea butter. Makes a fantastic massage cream and keeps your baby’s bum chap free. Even Nordstrom’s swanky spa is using it in their exclusive services. Have a look at all of Baby Bear’s mommy and baby skin products at

Tame That Mane Mama

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A few weeks back we told you about our new flat iron from FHI HEAT…we gushed really. The entire line at FHI HEAT is a celebrity stylist favorite and used by Nicole Kidman and Miss Aniston (not a celeb mommy, but she has great hair doesn’t she?). Last week we got to try out their fabulous new brushes…and it’s a good thing we had them with us on vacation as we forgot our handy new flat iron. These new lightweight brushes did most of the work for us, which as any smart mommy knows is worth a million dollars (these professional brushes only cost about $20 bucks). The round brush was best for us with our short hair, but they’ve also come out with a curved and a paddle brush too. The brushes combine tourlamine and nano silver, which honestly just confuses us, but it certainly makes our hair look conditioned and healthy. Good hair can make your worst mommy nightmare disappear. Dirty diaper? Who cares when your hair is shiny. Screaming baby at the cafe? Just run your fingers through your sleek new ‘do and smile. We tried it, and it works. Get red carpet hair at


Organic Gifts For Mommy & Baby

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Who doesn’t like to receive a gift? Make that gift organic, safe for the environment and wrap it up in a gorgeous box and you’ll have us hooked. GreenBaby Gifts puts together all natural, eco friendly gifts that are super luxurious and safe for you and baby. After hearing about them from several impressed readers we had to see the gift boxes ourselves…and we ordered ourselves the Nursery Necessities Gift Box. All items are thoughtfully chosen and the presentation is very impressive. The box it came in is a gift itself.. Why wait for a baby shower when you can treat yourself momma? A beautiful box filled with all the lovely things you’ll need those first few weeks after baby arrives will make your day and who doesn’t need a little pampering? The organic crib sheet and onesie that came in the gift set are neutral in shade, and the body wash smells so yummy and won’t hurt babe’s newborn skin. Nothing “gimmicky” or wasteful, you’ll use all of the earth friendly and safe products. Greenbaby has gift boxes for mommies and toddlers too that are filled with organic goodness, and they make a smashing baby shower present. Swanky, healthy and tons of fun to open, get yourself a little piece of organic luxury at

Jubi: Impressive & Classy Baby Basics

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Chic and luxurious are the first things that came to mind when our package from JUBI arrived. We’ve heard tons of fabulous things about JUBI and we needed to find out first hand. Smart and stylish mommies in the know like HALLE BERRY already have a thing for JUBI’S soft and yummy baby products (we hear she loves their butter soft wash cloths). We tested out their all natural fitted bassinet sheet, and their super comfy Baby Basics pant and shirt set in classic black. So unbelievably soft, and the understated neutral colors are a refreshing change. We also got to test out their brilliant “dribbler” style bibs. So handy for when your little one starts to drool and you want to keep their snazzy outfit nice and clean. These are perfect gifts for that baby shower this summer you want to impress at. If new mommies CHRISTINA AGUILERA and TORI SPELLING love JUBI, chances are your mommy friends will too. You want your baby to feel calm and secure, and the soothing fabrics from JUBI do just that. Have a peek at their must have baby collection at and tell us what you think.

Little Twig Is All That & More

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We’ve tested and tried tons of baby creams, bath products and fancy shampoos over the years. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. We were lucky enough to finally test out an all natural bath and body product line for children called LITTLE TWIG. We’ve read that Miss Paltrow and Courteney Cox are fans, and we had to see what all the fuss was about. With all the worry over chemicals and unnecessary additives in baby products, we wanted to find something safe and natural to switch to. LITTLE TWIG uses organic and botanical ingredients that smell divine and they’re super gentle on babe’s skin. We’ve been stealing our wee one’s Lavender & Lemon & Tea Tree Body Milk and slathering it on after after our baths too…so creamy and it absorbs very quickly. Also impressive is the Tangerine & Lemon & Rosemary Bubble Bath…tons of bubbles and the scent is subtle and refreshing. Since it’s free of sulfates and parabens, it was perfect on our toddler’s sensitive skin (and mommy’s and daddy’s). For those who like their bath products scent free, LITTLE TWIG makes shampoos, washes and lotions for you too. With sweet packaging, organic ingredients, yummy scents, and an A-LIST following, LITTLE TWIG is our most favorite bath and body company for babies. We’d gush more, but we think you get the point. See why we think you should switch over to LITTLE TWIG at

Wipe Without Worry

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When something catches GWENYTH PALTROW’S eye it catches our eye too at Celebrity Baby. What does GWYNNIE have in common with us? Our mutual love for ELSIE’S ORIGINAL GERM FIGHTER WIPES. These all natural wipes are perfect for cleaning toys and pacifiers when they fall out of little one’s mouths, as they do not contain alcohol or chlorine. Who has soap and water ready to go 24/7? These wipes in their handy little case will become an addiction. They’re even gentle enough to wipe away that dribble of organic carrots running down you wee one’s chin. We love the scent (organic lavender and chamomile) and how soft they are on our babe’s face. Elsie also makes bum wipes (they have a smidgen of tee tree oil), a germ fighting spray and all natural cleansing wipes…your whole body is covered! We even use them to wipe away makeup after a long mommy day. Try them out and see why Gwynnie always picks a winner. Did we mention that KATIE HOLMES and HEIDI KLUM also know how fabulous ELSIE’S WIPES are? Get cleaned up at