Heading South?

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It’s that time of year mom…time to head south for warmer waters and sunny weather.  If you’re going to shake off the end of winter blahs, you need your babies dressed properly to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.  In addition to sun screen, our wee ones will be wearing the new suits from Banz, a well known and well loved company that has been protecting children’s delicate eyes and skin for over a decade.  We’ll be packing their new reversible bucket hat (love the adjustable Velcro on the brim) and UV protective rashie & skirt set.  Perfect for a few days by the pool.  Originally designed in Australia, these swimwear must-haves are made to handle the sunniest of days.  Super durable too…our little swimmer wore her first Banz swimsuit for a few years and it still looks brand new.  Did we mention they are having a fabulous sale?  Perfect excuse to book a trip down south…gotta wear that new swimwear somewhere!

The Swedes Have Landed

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Just a quick little note to let you in on the most fabulous thing ever.  Polarn O.Pyret, you know, that really cool & hip European line of kids clothes is finally available here. You can cancel that plane ticket to Stockholm and check out their brilliant line from the comfort of your home. We just received our parcel of goodies from them (squeal!) and we’ll be writing about this celeb favorite line very soon. Oh, almost forgot…they are having a fantastic sale at the moment. Enjoy.

LUSH Bath & Body Products


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Want to make your child feel like a star? Who doesn’t in this celebrity saturated world of ours. Companies such as Name Your Tune ( www.nyt.ca ) will customize a CD for you and your little one , by placing his or her name in all those childhood classics we love, such as Old Macdonald. Debra Messing is said to have ordered one for her son. As reported in the Globe and Mail by Mommy Blogger, Rebecca Eckler you can also place your childs picture in a personalized Sesame Street story book at Make It About Me ( www.makeitaboutme.com ) . Great gift to make your child feel like a mini celebrity. That’s just what your toddler needs!! SOURCE : Globe and Mail,May 27


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http://ec1.images-amazon.com/images/P/B0007WLOLA.01-A2UOGXT7ETNZVU._SCTHUMBZZZ_.jpgWant to carry your diapers in style? Well then you need the fab FLEURVILLE LUXE diaper bag  like Mariska Hargitay,who is expecting a baby any day now.Rachel Weize loves her new hand made basket by MOSES BASKET that she can use as a bassinet. And who can resist those funky , colorful new baby car seat covers made by LITTLE BITS? Not Kate Hudson,who enjoys her Bohemian Rhapsody printed car seat . Now that you know their faves ,treat yourself like a star and get shopping!! SOURCE : INSTYLE MAGAZINE MAY 2006