All Natural & Handmade For Baby & Mom

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Yes we did it…we stole from the baby. When something smells and feels this good, mommy needs some too. maybe “steal” is too strong of a word….perhaps “borrow” is better. Every time we slather on baby Pudding cream from Baby Breaux we like to scoop a little out for ourselves and rub it on our dry hands, feet and elbows. Hands get so dry this time of year and with all that extra hand washing after changing diapers and spit ups you really need a strong enough cream that will chase that dry skin away. It makes our little bambino smell super delicious and his skin is, well…as soft as a baby. Love that it’s free of nasty chemicals and parabens. Baby Breaux uses natural essential oils and ingredients like Aloe Butter to get the perfect combo of safe and effective. Have a look at their absolutely celeb worthy line at

Organic Beauty Solutions

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jurliqueCelebs love anything organic, especially for their babies.  Organic anything is hot right now and more attainable than ever.  Celeb mommies NICOLE KIDMAN, GWYNETH PALTROW and MICHELLE WILLIAMS are big fans of JURLIQUE NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS, an Australian based company that grows their herbs organically in the beautiful South Australia.  Just look at their skin…they all look fabulous and fresh (being a millionaire and married to gorgeous men might have something to do with this too).  JURLIQUE also makes a line of yummy organic products for little bambinos.  They make you feel so soft and delicious that you’ll be using them too.  We love the GENTLE SHAMPOO and BODY WASH.  Wonderful for baby and mommy’s sensitive skin.  You’ll have Gwynnie’s glowing mane of hair in no time!

Jurlique Baby’s Soothing Bubble Bath 125ml/4.2oz

Jurlique Lip Care Balm

Jurlique Baby’s Calming Bath Oil 100ml/3.4oz