Yes, You Do Need Another Baby Blanket

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It’s getting cold and nippy out there mommy…time to get the warm blankets out and cuddle up.  What baby blankets are we super sussed about this season?  The fabulous designs and creations from Big Fat Hen, a family run company that makes gorgeous baby blankets, and organic sleep sacks.  We have their unbelievable soft blanket in Lily’s Flowers…so pretty, and just the perfect size for our stroller and car seat.  We also think it makes a brilliant play mat for when baby is having a bit of tummy time, as they can gaze at the bright patterns or feel and rub the soft fabric on the underside.  Very functional.  Gifted to fancy stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey, these blankets are sure to impress even your fussiest mommy friend, and make a stylish, yet practical gift.



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Two Canadian moms have become very popular with celebrity babies and their famous mommies. ADMIRAL ROAD BLANKETS ( make personalized, practical, fleece blankets for your children. JULIA ROBERTS, SARAH MCLACHLAN, TERI HATCHER, REECE WITHERSPOON, and KATE HUDSON are just a few of the mommies that keep their kiddies warm and snuggly in these fabulous blankets. They wash and wear like a dream ( mine has yet to fade…it looks brand new after a million washes). It’s always nice to have a personalized keepsake for your little baby, and with all the creative names out there nowadays (Hello APPLE and SURI and SHILOH), the only way to find your childs name is to have it handmade. They make great baby shower gifts and shake it up a bit by straying away from the traditional pink and blue. SOURCE : GLOBE and MAIL, Rebecca Eckler (mommy blogger)