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Keeping it simple and classy is the way to go for Valentines Day.  Especially for all us busy mommies.  That’s why we let out a sigh of relief when we saw the awesome offer from our friends at Cocodot, a brill online card company that let’s you send  online paperless invites and cards but also has gorgeous printable  (and eco friendly) greetings as well.  Loved by such A-listers as Gywneth P and Brooke Shields, we think Cocodot is definitely the way to go if you want to impress while you get your message across.  Cocodot was kind enough to share their Valentines Day Special with us and we want to pass the info onto you too:  Get 25 lovable 7 x 5 Valentine’s Day printed cards for just $39. Promo code COCOCUPID. How fabulous is that?  Wonder if we’ll be getting one from Gwynnie?



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We have a rule here at Celeb Baby Clothes…only write about things we try out.  How can we say it’s fabulous unless we tried it?  Well….we are breaking the rules…just this once.  Although we have not been lucky enough to try Freshology (Canada is just a little too far for them to deliver…sigh) we just had to write about it after a reader was kind enough to let us know about it.  Freshology is a gourmet prepared meal delivery company that even has a program that caters specifically to mommies.  How fabulous is that?  Fresh Mommy Nutrition is an all-natural meal program which that ‘s designed for pre natal and post natal mommas. It’s so difficult to plan nutritional and delicious meals after baby arrives…near impossible.  Freshology does all the work so you can focus on your new little baby.  Looks like Sarah Michelle Geller, Jennifer Lopez and Debi Mazer agree, as they used this program to drop the baby weight themselves…although we’re sure there were also a few personal trainers and nannies involved in their post baby bodies.  Have a look at their site, and if you try it out let us know if Freshology tastes as good as it looks.


New & Fabulous From Polarn O Pyret

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Girl match Maternity stripe holiday

Polarn O Pyret had been busy creating new designs for us style driven mommies.  From Sweden and now available in the US, Polarn has tons of hip Euro style ,and we’re a bit addicted to this fresh brand as regular readers of Celeb Baby Clothes know.  Must be the bright colors, soft fabrics and brilliant prices. Our tot has their new Holiday Bow Top in After Dark.  Love the A-line cut and the deep blue shade.  The classic stipes give it a sweet sailor look, perfect for a casual day at the museum with mom or dressed up with a  jean skirt and beret for a family brunch date.  For all you pregnant mommies out there, Pyret makes a matching maternity top to the child bow shirt…fabulous way to bond with your eldest before the new addition arrives.  With it’s comfy and stylish threads and super cool celeb following, Pyret has us hooked and waiting to see what they come up with next.

Polarn has a fantastic deal on now where you can save 25% off outerwear and swimwear…perfect for you fam trip. Check out their site for the promo code and details.


It’s All About You Baby!

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We know that Halloween isn’t even over yet, but we needed to tell you smart mammas (who like to get your Christmas shopping started early) about this fabulous book we came across. It’s called The First Adventures Of Incredible You, and it’s just about the most clever gift we’ve come across in all our mommy years.  It’s a personalized children’s book about the everyday life events of a child.  It takes you from wakeup time to bed time and covers everything in between, like  a visit to the park, zoo and the beach. the illustrations are really imaginative and pull you right into the story.  We loved how easy it was to order online, after choosing 20 or so favorite people and places  it was all done.  Getting a gift with your name and about you is magical to a child, and we’re not ashamed to admit that when we first read the book after it arrived, we got a little teary ( in that nice sweet way mommies do).  This book is also popular with the cool parents set..we hear that hip celeb mommies Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Garner now have more in common then Ben…they both have this book for their kids too.


Stay Hydrated, Safe & Smell Great Too

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We are always on the look out for affordable luxury here at Celebrity Baby Clothes.   Show us a way to look, smell and feel good and we’re all over it.  No surprise then, that when a box full of fabulous body and personal care products showed up on our doorstep from EO that we actually squealed with delight. Full out squeal.  EO is a wonderful family run business that makes creams, lotions,shampoos and so much more, using only the best natural and organic ingredients.  Perfect for moms that want to ensure their families are using safe and chemical free products.  With ingredients like mango seed butter, chocolate & mint and organic coconut milk, we can’t decide if we like the natural scent or the smooth hydrating results better.  We also thought we’d try their plant based hand sanitizer in French Lavender.  Love the fresh scent…who knew killing germs could smell so good and be so calming?  We used to be pretty relaxed about germs and relied on good hand washing, but with all this flu worry we are reformed hand sanitizers in this house.  Can we also just say that we love the packaging?  We know…a little shallow, but we just love the deep blue bottles and how sophisticated they make the bathroom look.

EO is having a special…15% off hand sanitizers,shower gels and foot care products. Brilliant.

Celebrity Approved Baby Carrier

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New Native Baby Pouches are showing up all over Hollywood and New York on the most A list of celebs. We couldn’t help but notice, and since it’s good enough for Brad and Angie, we though we should try this popular baby carrier out ourselves. We have one of New Native’s organic carriers in natural twill with a gorgeous poppy trim. First off, we have to say it is so soft. Like butter. No worries about rough material on baby’s face here. We also really love that it’s so simple to use. No hooks, rings or snaps. Busy mommies need simplicity, and this carrier has that and loads of classy style. Who else has a New Native Baby Pouch? The fabulous Keri Russell and new daddy Matthew McConaughey. Perfect for a stroll in the park, or for an active day around the city. Besides looking fabulous with all of our outfits (yes, that is important mommies), this carrier folds up super small so it fits into our diaper bag easily. Carry your baby like Angelina at

Mommy Favorite:Bla Bla Kids

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have time to knit your baby some clothes and toys? Not all of us have the time or much needed talent to do so. Thank goodness for BLA BLA KIDS, a fabulous company that designs and creates knitted clothing, toys, puppets and mobiles from soft and natural fibers. After looking at all their gorgeous products we finally decided on one of BLA BLA’S sweet mobiles. It’s simple, yet very engaging…it doesn’t make noise or come with batteries or start up when the baby cries, and that’s the beauty of it. This mobile really looks and feels like something your loving Grandma made. Knitted by Peruvian artisans in a fair trade environment, we think you’ll find that BLA BLA’S creations are something you’ll want to hand down from this generation to the next. Everything they make is just so cuddly and unbelievably soft…are we gushing too much? Can’t help it. We just love their concept and creations so much and think they are super gush worthy. Have a look at their shop and get as addicted as we are to BLA BLA at

Bounce In Style

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I’m all about simple, stylish and chic baby gear this second time around. Products that are made with care and with natural materials (lead free would be a nice start wouldn’t it?). SVAN of Sweden has us hooked on their fabulous bouncer. Love the bent birch wood base and choice of solid fabric colors…and the fact that no batteries are required. I used to think the more gadgets the better, but now I know that a simple little rocking from my foot on the base of this bouncer will lull my little one into calmness. The seat is adjustable, so baby can lay back or sit up and see the world. SVAN is a Hollywood fave and this bouncer first caught my eye when featured on the ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW. We chose the Vanilla and Sage color combo after we saw how yummy it looked in pics from KIM RAVER’S baby shower thrown by BROOK SHIELDS. This bouncer is designed for the style conscience parent and baby that loves a good bounce. If you’re tired of overstimulating baby gear like we are, then head on over to ( for our Canadian mommies) and get your baby this fresh new bouncer.

Swag Me

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I thought I was going to die of excitement when my “unofficial” Emmy Swag Bag arrived from BABY SWAGS. No, I didn’t win, nor was I nominated, but it was fun to live like a celeb mommy and tear open my beautifully wrapped gift basket…I’ll shamelessly admit I dressed up for the occasion and sipped champagne while I checked out the fabulous products put together by the clever folks at BABY SWAGS. Received by all the nominees and winners of major awards at this years Emmy Awards (like Chandra Wilson and Mariska Hargitay).   This is not your average swag package, mommies. You see, all the fabulous and brilliant products are made by work at home moms and entrepreneur women. Companies are carefully chosen and the result is luxury gifts made with thought and care. We are so impressed with the selection. Loved the onesie and cute hat from HAPPY PANDA, so soft and made of eco friendly fabric and dies. GABRIEL’S AUNT provides one of their scrumptious all natural candles that smells so delicious. We loved the soothie ( mini blankie) made by RITZY BITZY. It’s kept our tot very soothed indeed. Yes, I could get used to the life of a celeb mommy, gift baskets and all. To see all the fantastic companies that were included in this BABY SWAGS treat, check out