One Serious Diaper Bag

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As any busy mommy on the go will tell you, a diaper bag can make or break your day.  Parents need a bag that’s comfy to carry, has heaps of room and looks fabulously modern.  If you feel the same way we do then you’ll want an Alpha Sherpa Bag from the very popular and well respected (and parent run company) Baby Sherpa.  We wanted a bag that could handle enough gear for two toddlers and have a modern urban look…we found it with our fabulous Alpha.  Rugged, tough as nails and so comfy to carry, we must say we are smitten.  Best part has to be the soft cooler bottom compartment that keeps our tots snacks and lunch chilled while we trek around town and on our weekend family hikes.  Also making us very happy is the padded space for our lap top…makes this blogging job easier to take on the road.   Love the sharp look and the numerous pockets to store small necessities like our cell phone and keys…and the kind folk at Baby Sherpa even left enough room for us stylish mommies to bring along a thermos full of espresso, our weekly People mag and a fancy lip balm.  Finally, a baby bag we can all share.

We saved the best for last mommas….we have one Alpha Sherpa for one super lucky reader.  Email us at and tell us the three types of bags that Baby Sherpa makes…we already told you about our favorite.  Contest ends  September, 25th at midnight.  Good Luck!

Soothing Baby Line From Green Elly

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When trying to find the perfect gift for your next baby shower or birthday, forget pink or blue and think green.  All babies need to be squeaky clean, and why not use the most natural products you can on babes soft skin?  We’ve been testing out a few companies of late and we finally came to the conclusion that Green Elly wins our vote for most fabulous bath and body products for baby. This mommy owned company makes lotions, washes,creams and massage gels that are full of all natural ingredients such as lavender, essential oils (orange and vanilla) and shea butter.  Their line is free of unnecessary and quite harmful chemicals like parabens and phthalates.  What’s our favorite from this fab company?  Has to be the Cutie’s Patootie Paste, a really absorbent diaper balm that works wonders on chafed skin.  We hear that Green Elly is gracing the nurseries of some very posh families as it was gifted to Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richie….we’ll have to have them over for a playdate and see how they like the line.

Green Elly wants to offer our brilliant Celeb Baby Clothes readers a deal. The promo code “STAR” has been created for all our US readers (sorry Canada…we’ll have some treats for you soon)  through July 31, 2009. Enjoy a 10% discount on your order. You’re Welcome.


We’re Hooked

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We love finding little accessories that make a busy day easier.  What’s our latest find that we can’t live without?  The Mommy Hook.  It’s a brilliant aluminum (super stong) hook that clips onto your stroller, making life easier.  We like our walks to the grocery store and local shops (nothing worse that piling into a hot car in the summer), so we needed a way to get our purchases home without overloading our stroller basket.  Now we put all our bags onto our Mommy Hook and have lots of room on the stroller for our diaper bag and a few toys.  It keeps us organised and hands free…and now we have heaps more room for the occasional shopping spree on the way home from the playground.  Love the simplicity and the price…when mommy’s happy, everyone’s happy. Cheers to Bec for letting us know about this fabulous mommy must have.

Visit the Mommy Hook site and tell us why this fab mommy must have does not slip and slide along your stroller. One random winner will win a Mommy Hook. You have till Monday at midnight to impress us with your Mommy Hook knowledge.  Email us at

Happy Little Bums

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We’re having a “why didn’t we think of that” feeling after testing out our latest fabulous find.  Bummas are these vibrantly colored, reusable clothes that are making diaper time way less stressful in our house.  They were created by this genius mom who wanted to protect her babe’s bum from diaper rash and her own clothes from rogue shots of flying pee. Bummas are for patting baby’s bottom dry after the wipes leave it all wet. We think they’re fabulous enough to get two packs and use one in the bathroom for bath time washcloths (is it just us or do face cloths seem ginormous when you are washing up a 6 week old?). Perfect for washing up little faces after meal time too.  Have we gushed enough already?  Clean up with these posh and environmentally smart cloths at

All Natural & Handmade For Baby & Mom

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Yes we did it…we stole from the baby. When something smells and feels this good, mommy needs some too. maybe “steal” is too strong of a word….perhaps “borrow” is better. Every time we slather on baby Pudding cream from Baby Breaux we like to scoop a little out for ourselves and rub it on our dry hands, feet and elbows. Hands get so dry this time of year and with all that extra hand washing after changing diapers and spit ups you really need a strong enough cream that will chase that dry skin away. It makes our little bambino smell super delicious and his skin is, well…as soft as a baby. Love that it’s free of nasty chemicals and parabens. Baby Breaux uses natural essential oils and ingredients like Aloe Butter to get the perfect combo of safe and effective. Have a look at their absolutely celeb worthy line at

UPPAbaby : Sleek & Modern Strollers

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A mom can never have too many spare diapers on hand or too many strollers we always say. You need different strollers for different days, right? A small and functional stroller is as much a necessity in a busy mommy’s life as a larger one meant for jogging and hikes. We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect umbrella stroller that will fit our urban lifestyle and we think we found it. Being a huge fan of UPPAbaby’s Vista (we’ll be handing that one down to the grand kids one day) we thought we’d try out their new G-Luxe stroller. It’s a new take on their super popular G-Lite that was a huge hit with smart and stylish celeb moms like Tori Spelling and Keri Russell. Ever since the mailman dropped it off we’ve been using our very functional G-Luxe all over town and must say we are thrilled with it. We love the smooth ride it provides while we stroll to the cafe, and that it’s so lite to carry and put in the car after an afternoon of shopping. The handles are nice and high so we’re not hunched over like we are with most umbrella strollers. We went with the stylish red Denny G-Luxe, and the brilliant color just pops, especially on a cold wet day. We think it’s perfect for traveling too. Easy to store on the plane and it reclines so baby can nap while you go exploring on your daily adventures. Affordable, hip and functional…how fabulous is that? Have a look at all of UPPAbaby’s fresh ideas and upgrade your ride like we did.

Celebrity Approved Baby Carrier

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New Native Baby Pouches are showing up all over Hollywood and New York on the most A list of celebs. We couldn’t help but notice, and since it’s good enough for Brad and Angie, we though we should try this popular baby carrier out ourselves. We have one of New Native’s organic carriers in natural twill with a gorgeous poppy trim. First off, we have to say it is so soft. Like butter. No worries about rough material on baby’s face here. We also really love that it’s so simple to use. No hooks, rings or snaps. Busy mommies need simplicity, and this carrier has that and loads of classy style. Who else has a New Native Baby Pouch? The fabulous Keri Russell and new daddy Matthew McConaughey. Perfect for a stroll in the park, or for an active day around the city. Besides looking fabulous with all of our outfits (yes, that is important mommies), this carrier folds up super small so it fits into our diaper bag easily. Carry your baby like Angelina at

Play Outside In Style

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We have a general rule around here at Celeb Baby Clothes…if it’s good enough for the gorgeous model mommy CHRISTY TURLINGTON, then it’s good enough for us. We heard that CHRISTY is a fan of OUTSIDE BABY, a company that makes very functional and durable outdoor products and clothing.  We spotted their hip and modern Cooler Backpack, and we decided to try it out. Now that it’s getting warmer, it’s so nice to pack a picnic lunch or supper…but what about all the other stuff you have to lug for baby and family? This particular backpack has a roomy cooler on the bottom and a separate compartment up top for all your necessities like diapers, wipes, picnic blanket and sunscreen. We’ve been packing it up with yummy treats and baby gear the past few weekends and are super impressed. It’s not too heavy when full, the straps do not dig in, and the style is very fresh and appealing. What more do you and Christy need? Sure it’s cute to carry your wicker picnic basket while having a family day out, but not very practical. This bag is perfect for a fun city day of museums and cafes, and for a sunny day at the beach. Go see all the brilliant outdoor gear and clothing that OUTSIDE BABY has created at

Mommy Must Have: Goober Baby

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goober baby

Toss out that zip lock, and your tattered plastic bag momma (in the recycle bin, of coarse) and pack your baby’s essentials in a chic and fabulous little tote from GOOBER BABY. The perfect size to carry all of baby’s needs, and it has a clear front so you can see what you’re looking for. No more blindly rummaging through your designer diaper bag for that missing soother. We like to pack our tote with yummy snacks for the tot for our morning strolls. Love their nifty Goober Baby Change Purse too…fits your wipes and a few diapers perfectly. This is perfect when you really don’t want to carry that monster size baby bag out for a quick trip to the market. Stylish and practical, that’s what we mommies love. And just to let you know, you’ll be in fashionable company using GOOBER BABY as they were chosen to take part in Hollywood’s Baby Breakfast Club last Spring. JENNIFER GARNER, TORI SPELLING and HEIDI KLUM were all gifted with GOOBER BABY’S brilliant creations. So pack that snack and soother in a posh little bag like the rich and famous. Go to

Pack Their Snacks With Flare

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Is it wrong to want your baby’s snack bag to be as stylish as their diaper tote? A little shallow perhaps, but entirely understandable given that we own a fabulous BUMBLE BAG. Our lunch bag has a lot to live up to. You mommies with style can imagine how excited we were to try out BUMBLE’S new snack packs…gorgeous patterns and so functional. We have been carrying organic raisins and jelly sandwiches in their Haley and the larger Hannah bag all week. We must say we are very impressed. They’re both insulated and come with removable inserts so you can fit all your baby’s treats neat and organized. Love how easy the inside wipes clean. You can even pick one to match your brilliant Bumble Diaper bag. Celeb mommies that have been spotted showing off their Bumble love are NAOMI WATTS, NICOLE RICHIE and SHERYL CROW. Want to be as chic and hip as they are? Check out

Tell us your favorite Bumble print and you could win a Haley or Hannah bag for your little tot. email your answer to by March 1st. Good luck mommies! (Hint:Go to their site and have a peek at their yummy designs)