A-List Undies

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The word “underwear” at our house usually results in giggles and toddler jokes…our wee ones like to say, “look under there mom” to which they hope I reply…”under where?”.  This will cause laughter for at least five minute straight and if we’re eating supper it can get quite messy.  So you can just imaging how genuinely excited our three  year old was to revive his very own package of fancy organic undies from Underdoodles.  Love the Space theme and the durable contrasting trim.  The organic cotton is really very soft and washes well.  The boy must agree as he never takes these ones off to hide somewhere.  We think these undies are very gift worthy too, as not only are they super stylish and comfy, but they come in this totally functional zipped bag with a clean side and a dirty side.  Great for travel, and well…it makes the gift even more sweet.  They’d also make a too fabulous for words potty training gift…just make sure you teach them the “under where” joke too.