Sling Snob

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We are utterly addicted to finding the perfect baby sling. You could say we’re obsessed. We have tried out more slings than anyone ought to be allowed to and yes…we are very picky. We stumbled upon Serena & Lily’s Market Baby Sling when we saw pics of Nicole Kidman strolling through London with baby Sunday Rose wrapped up in their luxurious creation. Just look at the hand embroidered details and gorgeous shades of fabric they use…very drool worthy. We were also super impressed with how soft the organic lining is and that there are no snaps, rings or straps…just slip it on and away you go. Quite honestly it’s the baby sling we get the most compliments on while we stroll to the park and through the shops. Other hip celebs that make this classy sling a baby must have are Ethan Hawk, and Camila Alves. If you’re thinking of getting this sling for a baby shower gift you should know that it comes packaged in the most posh little box…makes all the difference and adds some “Ohh and Ahh” to your gift. Have a look at Serena & Lily’s fabulous collection at