Indulge In Paigelauren Baby

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We have spoiled ourselves so much that nothing but the best will do…so thank goodness our package from Paigelauren Baby arrived in the mail the other day. We needed a luxury fix and we got it. Paigelauren makes the softest baby clothes we have ever felt…honest. Like butter. Debuting their fresh Fall line this past September, Paigelauren is getting a name as the brand to go for if you want style, comfort and baby clothes that are timeless. Love the classic lines, detailed stitching and practicality of the onesies, cardigans and rompers. The kimono long sleeve tee in rose is absolutely gorgeous and looks fabulous alone or layered over one of their classic white tees. can’t wait to see the Summer 2009 collection with it’s hip beach theme. Paigelauren’s modern and stylish clothes are designed and made in LA and sold in posh stores such as Nieman Marcus. We think you’ll agree that this line is worth all the fuss as you’ll be able to pass it down to the next baby due to the clothes fine quality and timeless look. They also have an organic collection for eco conscience babies. Go to and just try to leave without owning some Paigelauren…you won’t be able to.