Push With Style

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When it’s time to push that baby out, why settle for a drab, used, regular hospital gown? You got dressed up for the first date and the wedding, so it’s only fair you put on something a little special for the delivery day. We love the labor and delivery gowns from B.Y.O.G (BRING YOUR OWN GOWN). Hip and chic, these functional gowns will make you feel pretty and fresh, even while all “that” is going on down there. The snaps on the the sleeves make breastfeeding easier, and the gorgeous patterns make getting ready for all the visitors a breeze. Love the flattering scoop neck and snazzy sash. You’ll feel covered and well dressed while wearing a gown from BYOG. What we liked most was how soft it got the more it was washed, which makes it perfect for wearing at home after you give birth too. Why give up your fantastic style when you can have it so easily at www.shopbyog.com

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What you’re wearing is probably the last thing on your mind when you are pushing with all your strength during labor. The janitor could come in your hospital room and offer to help and you wouldn’t care.  However, once that little bundle is out and you are entertaining all your friends and family in your tiny hospital room, you want to look good for all those pictures.  DEARJOHNNIES (www.dearjohnnies.com) are stylish, pretty and functional hospital gowns that cover your tush after you’ve pushed.  They have been featured in numerous mags, such as FIT PREGNANCY and BUNDLE and were given to celebrities at the MTV gift lounge during the MTV AWARDS.  You can look fabulous like a Hollywood mom, even when there are ten people  in the room looking at all you have to offer.  Makes a great gift for that mommy thats’s about to go into labour.