Seriously Rocking Crib Wear

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yellowsub_ss_t_sp09 blondie-tank-dress-spring-09 acdc_ss_t_sp09

When we heard about Rowdy Sprout and their soft vintage rock-n-roll tees, we knew we had to check them out.  So glad we did and we’re completely impressed with their fresh take on music history.  We chose their best selling The Who tee and a classic never go out of style ACDC shirt for our wee rocker.  These fully licensed (the bands get royalties) designs are a fabulous way for us parents to relive our wild youth, while our tots get to look  too cool for words. Rowdy Sprout has a very A-List group of mommies dressing their kids up in their hip threads.  Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica and Heidi Klum are just a few of the posh mommies known to own some Rowdy.  Now they’re just as smart and stylish as we are.  Infuse some Sprout into your babe’s closet and see how much more fun it will be to sing Yellow Submarine on the way home from your next playdate.