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Baby bibs are a funny thing…you buy the cutest ones you can find, then stress over getting them stained with pureed carrots and mushy blueberries ( Why are bibs usually white anyway? Makes no sense).  MALLY BIBS ( may have the solution to this problem.  They make baby bibs out of beautiful, colorful, durable, washable leather.  No more stained bibs on you baby, just a gorgeous, and stylish bib that washes clean with a wet cloth.  They come in the cutest styles too, with a picture on one side and a pocket on the other to catch all those bits and pieces.  At about $30 each, the price is a little steep, but how much have you been spending on bibs that you only use a few times, and never when mother in law is over?  MALLY BIBS fashionably solves this problem.