Life’s Too Short To Carry An Ugly Diaper bag

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Tori Spelling and may not share the same zip code as us, but we do have one thing in common….we both posses the most fabulous diaper bag ever. The Slide Diaper Bag by GoGaGa is our new best friend here at Celebrity Baby Clothes. It was a monster a hit at the celebrity filled Boom Boom Room in NY and LA and named one of the Best Diaper Bags by Fit Pregnancy…pretty impressive when you consider the vast amount of diaper bags out there. The Slide wowed us with it’s sleek design and level of comfort it provided. Not once have we had a sore back or sacrificed our sense of style after carrying it all over town with our baby. Love that the lined bottle pockets on the side are easy to reach with one hand as that’s often all a mommy has when doing ten things at once. The super comfy strap takes the weight of the bag and distributes it in all the right places. The shades to choose from are urban and current, and there’s no bubble gum pink to be found, thank goodness. We chose ours in Copper and have been getting raves from all the mommies at the playground. It doubles as our laptop bag too, which is super convenient when we want to do a little work while sipping lattes while baby naps at the coffee shop. We think it’s time you ditch your ” really pretty, but totally uncomfortable baby bag” and become a Go GaGa devotee like us and Tori. Check ’em out at