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parisKATIE and VICTORIA are bonding over couture gowns and fresh croissants this week in Paris, as the two enjoy a kiddy free vacation.  Who would have thought that KATIE HOLMES and POSH SPICE would turn into BFF?  I guess they have the mommy thing in common, and the gazillion dollars too….but a trip to Paris together?  Makes sense for VICTORIA, as her and BECKS try to woo the American press and make it big over here.  A pic with KATIE will get you in all the goss mags. Do you think David and Tom are bunking down in Tom’s LA mansion with the kiddies trying to figure out how to mix the formula?  Everyone deserves a break, even SURI’S mommy.  Enjoy the Champs Elysees KATIE and pick up some Chanel baby sunglasses for SURI to hide behind while you’re over there.  SOURCE : people.com

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