Color Your Way To Paris

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Paris…just saying it conjures up dreamy images of the Eiffel Tower, cosy cafes and sweet treats.  The brilliant people at AMMO Publishing have designed the most fantastic kids coloring book that pays homage to everything Parisian.  We were growing tired of coloring the same old cartoon characters and we were on the hunt for something original, inspiring and educational.  With AMMO’s Paris coloring book, my little girl asks questions about France, is learning to color with more detail and is planning her future trips to the places she sees on the page.  The finished pages are fun to frame, and even use as greeting cards for birthdays and best wishes.  Our favorite?  Has to be the Boulangerie, non?  Have a look at AMMO’s website and get inspired.  Out next coloring trip just might have to be London.

Everything Is Better With Butter

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Who here is tired of all the toxins and messed up chemicals we get exposed to each day?  As if there wasn’t enough to worry about, now we have to start reading (with a magnifying glass) all the freaky toxins that are listed on our cosmetics. We’re all going to die some day (morbid,true)…but personally I’d rather not die from wearing fancy lipstick and nail polish.  The less toxic the better, especially when pregnant, so we’ve done a little research (as if painting our nails is hard work….) and we’re just besotted with Butter London’s line of nail polishes.  The vibrant shades (love, love, love the deep pink Dahling Nail Lacquer), the rich look and the lasting color have us hooked. Butter London nail polishes are non toxic and “3 FREE”, that means they are they are made without formaldehyde, toluene, and DPB, Around here we like to paint our little girls nails, so using a safe brand makes us feel heaps better.  Who in the celebrity world loves them some Butter?  Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham are all known fans of the brilliant line.  Even Kate Middleton has been known to keep her royal nails looking fabulous with Butter London.  If it’s good enough for the Royal Palace, count us in.

Drink Up With Beatrix NY

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Anyone else have trouble getting their kids to drink water these days? You spend 20 minutes in the morning before school looking for a water bottle,digging through three kitchen cupboards in  hopes of finding something to send water to class in …you hand it to Junior only to have them ignore it all day, get too warm to drink, and have it leak all over their art project. Sigh. All that work for nothing. That was our daily ritual until we discovered Beatrix NY’s cozy cans. What’s a cozy can? Well…they are these very eye catching beverage containers made of stainless steel that keep drinks warm or cold. Designed to look like soda cans with super cute characters and logos, these water bottles have my strong willed pre schooler downing her daily requirements of H20. As a mom I love the sturdy feel and durability of these bpa and lead free containers and I also appreciate that they really do keep water cold and a cup of coco nice and warm on cool morning walks. Sometimes with kiddos it’s all in the presentation and Beatrix nailed it with these super hip, kid friendly designs.  Celeb moms that have been known to use Beatrix NY’s creations include Victoria Beckham, Katie Holms and Keri Russel…not bad company if we do say so ourselves.  We get stopped everyday by parents asking where they too can get one for their child.  Look no further then here.  Happy sipping awaits!

Swaddled In Tradition & Style

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Its A Girl! Photo from The Mirror UK

Looks like Kate is keeping with tradition and chose to wrap her new little princess up in the same knitted baby blanket that Prince George made his debut in. Family business GH Hurt & Son Ltd in Nottingham has been keeping royal babies warm with their gorgeous white shawls since Charles was born in 1948. However, the wait list for one of their luxoriouse baby wraps must be miles long now as Kate has made it one very classy baby must have.

Who’s Your Hero?

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Want to hear about a children’s clothing company that really is doing something truly different and unique?  We thought you would.  Wee Rascals is a super cool clothing line created and run by two very hip moms that want to share their love of real super heroes with you.  What’s a real super hero?  Well, it’s not Batman…or Spiderman or the Hulk for starters.  Wee Rascals creates tees with vintage inspired images of real people who have done good deeds, moved millions and had a lasting impact on our world.  Real people like Abraham Lincoln, Sir Isaac Newton, Susan B Anthony, and Joan Of Arc.  Such a brilliant concept, right? One of those ” I wish I had thought of that” ideas…but thankfully the folks at Wee Rascals have done it all for you.  The soft cotton designs come in tanks, onsies, raglans and short sleeved tees. The color choices are bright and eye catching, but we have to say our favorite is the neon yellow with Sir Isaac himself in the long sleeved version ( full disclosure…I am married to an engineer with a physics degree…all that math and physics has grown on me…).  Perfect for summer days when paired with shorts and looks pretty hip when pulled together with dark jeans for a family supper out with mom and dad.  Everyone will be asking you where you got such a freaking cool shirt.

The Essential Summer Skirt

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Looking for a standout summer skirt that oozes laid back elegance for your little girl?  Look no further momma, we have found the perfect skirt. The brilliant designers at NoKo, a Japanese inspired clothing line for children with a very hip twist, have created a skirt made just for all the summer fun you have planned.  The Ahiru skirt is an elastic waisted, gathered skirt with a sweet ribbon tie that comes in five amazing patterns.  We love the Pink Flower design with gorgeous over sized blooms.  It’s made for summer birthday parties but tough enough for teeter totters and  climbing monkey bars.  Made from a very durable Japanese fabric called tenugui, NoKo’s clothing stands the test of time.  Our wee three year old is wearing her older sisters NoKo Futaba dress that she used to wear as a toddler years ago. It’s color is still rich and the fabric looks brand spanking new.  Investing in a piece from NoKo makes fashion sense…hand me downs that look and feel new makes a mom’s day.  Featured in The New York Times,  and worn by Suri Cruise, NoKo’s clothing is what we wish we could be wearing this summer too…is a line for mommies too much to wish for?

All Grown Up

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Want to make your toddler smile?  Let them use a big kid glass for there milk and cookies break. Kids love to be trusted with  grown up type stuff and getting to use real glasses at meal and snack time is a major moment for them.  How do you let your kids learn to be independent while keeping them safe?  It’s not always easy, but with the Siliskin glasses from Silikids you are definitely on the right track.  Silikids uses easy to wash and clean silicone as a cool sleeve over the glass…keeps your child safe, makes the grip easier, and the silicone cover has extra shock absorption for the times when kids do spill milk (whoever said don’t cry over spilled milk was not a mother…or at least never had to clean it up!).  Our kids love them and have yet to cause one single crack or break…not from a lack of accidentally trying. The sleek packaging in a recycled poster tube makes the glasses a fabulous present for a toddler who’s ready to take that next step.  Totally dishwasher safe, and BPA free, these glasses are always half full.

Leave a comment here and mention another must have product from the hip folks at Silikids…you will win one of there super indispensable silicone bibs if chosen.  Leave your comment by May 30th midnight Mountain time.

These Puppets Make Us Smile

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Cate & Levi

Cate & Levi

Made in Canada.  To us, that’s music to our ears.  It just screams quality and care.  Doesn’t it?  Cate & Levi, an eco conscious Canadian company is in the business of making one of a kind, completely original puppets, stuffed animals, bags, clothes and art out of reclaimed wool.  How cool is that?  Josh Title, owner of the Toronto toy company sources all the reclaimed wool as close to home as possible, reducing their carbon foot print greatly.  We love hearing about toy companies that really care and make a difference while creating amazing designs for children to grow and learn with.  Cate & Levi’s newest edition is their Unicorn puppet. It’s been a huge hit in our house, generating lots of imaginative playtime and many snuggles at bedtime.  Cate & Levi have been featured on Martha Stewart, adorned Sir Elton John’s hand and collaborated with Jessica Alba’s Honest Company on the sweetest bear hat you’ll ever see. Can’t wait to see what they create next!!


Step Into Spring With Our Pediped Giveaway

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Our 7 year old has lived in her Pediped Flex Gina boots all winter.  They were perfect for fun days out when you wanted your feet a little more dressed up.  A part of the Flex line, they came with an insole that helps prolong the life of the shoe…if your wee one’s feet are a little too small, the insert makes then fit more comfortably.  This combined with the attention to detail, perfect stitching and amazing style makes Pediped a wise choice for growing feet.  However now that Spring will soon be upon us ( we can only hope…) its time to check out Pediped’s Spring and Summer collection.  We love the Flex Mae in white…gorgeous eyelet design and made with memory foam for your wee one’s feet.  This is the shoe for dancing and prancing on a summer vacation.  Also on our radar?  The Grip & Go Bree in Bubble Gum.  We’re not sure if it’s the sweet , whimsical design, or the fact that’s its washable that has us excited.  The G2 technology on this striped mary jane makes walking easier for wee ones with it’s soft rubber sole and a soft toe box that allows toes to curl and grip the floor.

Would you like to win a pair of Originals shoes (0-24 months sizing) from Pediped?  Simply like their Facebook page and this post.  Super simple and you may just win a fabulous pair of summer shoes for your tot.  Contest closes Feb, 28th at midnight.  If you share this post you will get an extra entry. Good Luck momma!


If you like pediped make sure to check out Brian James Footwear, the women’s footwear line from Angela Edgeworth founder of pediped.

Take A Seat

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Are you like us and always on the go?  You’ll understand our enthusiasm then at our discovery of the Totseat.  From the geniuses at Svan, a fabulous fabric chair harness for babies from 8 to 30 months.  Perfect for restaurants, your coffee/play date with your BFF and vacations.  Nothing worse then arriving at a restaurant only to discover there are no high chairs left …or worse…the one they have is so covered in food you don’t want to use it anyway.  Totseats fold up to pocket size and are portable and WASHABLE…a deal breaker in our books. Lots of colors and patterns to choose from.  Its going to become our “go to” baby shower gift because a gift that helps mom get out of the house is priceless.