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BABYLICIOUSI just love a new place to shop, and when it turns out to be Canadian owned then I’m extra happy. BABYLICIOUS is a fab Canadian owned retailer selling the most adorable and chic (and AFFORDABLE!!!!) baby gear. Turns out the rich and famous like a good bargain just like any good Canadian as BABYLICIOUS is fast becoming THE place to shop for the stars ( According to entertainment show Etalk DAILY, celeb mommies like BRITNEY SPEARS, GWYNETH PALTROW and ANGELINA JOLIE are fans and even celeb daddy HUGH JACKMAN is smitten with their classy baby gear. BABYLICIOUS has reportedly gifted baby SURI with some girly baby essentials.  My fave is the SIT AND SPIT CLOTH. Baby barf was never so in. Let us know what you think of their gear here at