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 Celebrity mommy BRITNEY SPEARS opens up to PEOPLE magazine about being a mommy to Sean Preston and how she is coping with pregnancy number two.  She reveals that this second pregnancy wasn't planned and that," I'm  going to wait awhile for the next one." Being 8 months pregnant and caring for her 11 month old baby boy Sean has taken it's toll on the former pop princess as it would any mommy. Miss Spears,who has admitted to gaining 40lbs with this pregnancy, also admits to craving melted Hershey bars in the middle of the night. Sounds yummy, pregnant or not. As for the birth, BRITNEY has another C SECTION planned as she did with Sean. BRIT seems more put together and polished in this interview and less like the gum chewing, and unfortunately dressed young lady crying about the paparazzi. She must have had a stylist and publicist help her out this time. But Britney…if you want our sympathy, you can't cry on TV one day and pose for magazine covers the next. SOURCE : MSNBC