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Crocs Kids Cayman (Infants') - Yellow Can’t really figure out why these shoes are so popular, but sometimes celebrities do make mistakes. CROCS are clogs made of resin and they are great for beach days and gardening, but now they are showing up on the feet of some very famous mommies and daddies in day to day life ( HELLO MATT D and JEN G). To make this sad story worse some celebrity mommies are making their kiddies were them too. What is KELLY RIPA thinking? Her son JOAQUIN was spotted in a blue pair while strolling with mom in NYC and mommy LAURA DERN had her 20 month old daughter sporting a red pair in BH. CROCS are a fad people…you have been warned. Keep it on the beach and your poor kids out of them.  SOURCE : US WEEKLY

But some moms are swearing by them, so if you want to get some crocs for babies, try here

Crocs Kids Cayman (Infants’) – Yellow