Celeb Mommies Fave Lip Tint

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A few years ago all the stars were wearing Kiehl's lip balm, then it was Rosebud Salve (still my fave) that they carried to their movie sets.  Now the new cult must have  is TINTE FLAVORED LIP COLORS by TINTE COSMETICS ( www.tintecosmetics.com).  It's on all the lips of Hollywood moms these days cause it's so yummy and easy to wear.  SARAH JESSICA PARKER loves the Cream Soda, which goes on nude with a sweet taste, and celeb momma and soon to be single REESE WITHERSPOON rubs on the Peppermint tinte to keep her lips looking rich and red (eat your heart out RYAN).  Tints are so easy to apply and give you that  beautiful effortless look.  When your a mommy on the go, who has time for mirrors and fuss?  SOURCE : Instyle Nov/06

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