Fabulous & Functional Nursing Bras

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LaMere Nursing Bra

Can a nursing bra be beautiful and still do the job it's meant to do?  How many times have you bought a bra because it's pretty, and once you wear it you spend the entire day adjusting yourself ?  Why are the bras that fit the best so unattractive?  When your nursing your baby you need a good bra that's practical and gorgeous.  You want one that is sexy and comfortable. 

Elle Macpherson Intimates La Mere maternity bra This bra is designed by a supermodel, so you know it's going to look sexy.  Elle's underwear line has been popular in her native Australia for years, and we're just finally catching on. Your mate will love ya in this bute of a bra.

Copacabana Lace Maternity Boycut – Maternity  Belabumbum has been featured in Pregnancy magazine and on the TODAY show for their gorgeous maternity wear.  Made with yummy lace and soft cotton, this nursing bra is sure to please the new mommy.  Toss out your boring white bra and pick one of these up in black.

Amoralia: Nougatine nursing bra A fave of the beautiful and talented RACHEL WEIZ, Amoralia really know how to make a nursing mom feel fabulous.  We know that pretty underwear can make or break your day, same goes for when your a busy mom.  I have always found British underwear to be more fashion forward and comfortable, and Amoralia's undies are no exception.

Gap soft cup nursing bra  & Gap underwire nursing bra Who doesn't love The Gap?  It's affordable, comfortable and now they have the sweetest nursing bra.  Great on a comfy Sunday morning.  Simple can be sexy.