Delicious Baby HairCare Products

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Looking for a shampoo that’s safe and effective for your baby? Need to zap some cradle cap? Trying to keep babe’s hair from sticking up in the back? LITTLE SPROUT ( has some solutions for you. A fave among celeb moms like ANGELINA and COURTENEY COX, this hair and skin care company makes sulfate free all natural baby products that are effective and fabulous at the same time. Great for moms too, especially those who have sensitive skin. Not only are little SHILOH and COCO using these yummy products , BROOKE SHEILDS two little girls love it too (Can you believe she went to that wedding even after Tom called her names for taking anti depressives? His PR man deserves a raise for that move). They have products that will detangle your child’s hair and straighten and smooth their curls. The only thing missing is a personal hairstylist.