Delicious Onesies

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Babies can be the toughest food critics out there.  If the temperature of the food isn’t right, and the lighting is slightly off and the color just doesn’t do it for them, they will scream bloody murder.  If mommy’s service is slow you can forget a tip.  Some like breast milk and some insist being served their beverage of choice in a pink sippy cup. Picky is an understatement.  Now your little food snob can dress to match their moods.  ELLIE’S PARTY is the brain child of a food and wine writer, who created a line of gourmet themed onesies, tees, and bibs while pregnant.  Featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES, and worn by the little tots in WOLFGANG PUCK’S house, these onesies have slogans that are clever and full of humor.  We love the “I’ll Have The Domestic White”, and the “Sippy Cup Sommelier” onesies.  You can have a look at all of ELLIE’S PARTY designs at ELLIE’S PARTY also helps out organizations such as LA LECHE LEAGUE, so you can feel good about your purchase.