Onesies For Animal Lovers

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Let’s just face it…we dress our babies for ourselves.  If we like sports, then we put our bubs in hockey jerseys.  If we like the ballet, we dress our wee peanuts in tutus.  For all you animal lovers out there, we have a onesie for you.  THE MINI TEE makes an original ANIMAL TRACKS collection that is memorable and hip.  Simple phrases are accompanied with the tracks of a particular animal.  They make a statement by using catchy phrases and creative design.  We love the ELEPHANT WAS HERE onesie with the two elephant paw prints.  It suits our little elephant at home just fine as she knocks over potted plants and crawls along the floor.  These clothes let you show the world, or at least the other kiddies at the playground, their personality and style.  Isn’t that what being a celebrity baby is all about?  THE MINI TEE also makes super soft and affordable tees for the other kiddies in the house.  Is your three year old about to become a big brother?  Then let him shout it out at pre school with his new BIG BRO tee.   It would look great on MADDOX being a new big brother to PAX.  He would look proud and stylish, as usual.  See what all the fuss is about at