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This Is LondonThis Is Paris

The life of a celebrity baby is breakfast in LA, lunch somewhere over the Atlantic and supper in French hotel while mommy goes to Fashion week.  With such a hectic schedule, whats a celebrity kiddie to do?  Miroslav Sasek has been trying to teach children about exciting travel and fabulous European cities since 1959.  His classic stories on the most traveled cities of the world are sought after by parents who want to show their children where they are jetting off to.  Elegant and grand, these books show a child the excitement and wonder of amazing cities such as Paris, London and New York.  They will light the fire of travel in your little one and most definitely become bedtime favorites for years to come. ANGELINA and BRAD, celeb uber parents better stock up on the whole series the way they travel.  Congrats to them on the arrival of their forth child, Pax Thien Jolie, a Vietnamese orphan adopted by ANGELINA this week.

Amazon has the entire series, just click the links below.

This is Rome (This is . . .)

This is Paris (This is . . .)

This is London (This is . . .)

Canadian readers can get their Miroslav Sasek fix at Chapters.