Stay Stylish While Expecting

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It is so tempting to stay hidden under your husbands tees and wear jogging pants while pregnant.  All you want is to be comfy while your body changes shape.  There are days when a uniform of old sweats is a necessity.  It’s also important to stay stylish and fabulous during those nine months.  When you feel beautiful, your outlook changes and all the little annoyances that come along with pregnancy (endless bathroom trips, bottomless stomach, swollen feet) seem to fade away (at least for a little while!).  Where do the celebrity mommies of Hollywood turn for a pregnancy fashion fix?  CADEAU MATERNITY is where GWYNETH PALTROW, COURTENEY COX and JENNIFER GARNER got even more gorgeous and glowing while they were pregnant. CADEAU clothing is made in Italy with the most delicious fabrics and the best quality of workmanship. When you’re pregnant you need to treat yourself, go get yourself a little gift at CADEAU and feel like the yummy mummy you are.  Go have a peek at

Cadeau Sleeveless Shirred Maternity Top

Cadeau Shirred Top