Cuddle Addiction

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Every baby has their favorite blankie.  So does every mommy.  AMBAJAM makes the most addictive and yummy childrens blankets we have ever owned.  Finally, a blankie that baby and I can both agree on (as we are entering the toddler years, I fear this is the last thing we will ever agree on).  AMBAJAM’S super soft CUDDLE UP BABY BLANKET comes in a choice of several bright and bold colors and has a very playful turtle family embroidered along the edge.  Made of easy to wash fleece, this blankie comes with us to the park, cafe and the all important nap time (or as I like to call it – mommy time).  We’ve just found out that they make a jumbo version of the blanket, so now baby and I can cuddle in warmth and style together.  That would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift…hint, hint.  AMBAJAM also makes fabulously hip tees and contemporary onesies with gorgeous stitched on appliqués.  The patterns and shapes on the clothes are so full of life and whimsy.  We love the Moody Blue Elephant , and think all their tees and onesies make unforgettable shower gifts.  Featured in April’s Baby Talk and March’s Pregnancy & Newborn, it won’t be long before the yummy mummies of Hollywood catch on to AMBAJAM like all of you.  Show the world you can cuddle and play in style at

Is Baby Having A Bad Hair day?

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ribbies clippies

Remember when we were kids and your mom pinned your unruly hair back with those horrendous plastic barrettes that always dug into your head?  Perhaps I’m sensitive, but the thought still traumatizes me.  Now that the baby has enough hair for styling, I want modern & funky clips for her hair…and clips that don’t hurt when you take them out.  We love our new hair clips from RIBBIES HAIR CLIPPIES.  So fabulous, and they really do stay put….no slipping at all.  Using hair clips to keep your toddler’s mane neat and tidy is a great alternative to the everyday ponytail.  Hollywood babies that are fond of fixing their bad hair days with a clip stylishly placed are VIOLET and COCORIBBIES CLIPPIES use lightweight clips adorned with gorgeous ribbon and they come in tons of brilliant patterns and colors, so outfit coordination isn’t a problem.  The clips are lined with foam that is color matched to the ribbon, so they will not slip out…not even your baby’s super fine hair.  So toss out the plastic barrettes, and say hello to good hair days at

RIBBIES CLIPPIES want to offer readers of Celebrity Baby Clothes a sweet deal:Buy 3 pairs and get the fourth one free!  Just enter coupon code cbc4for3 at the checkout. 


Find Of The Week:Baby Planet Strollers

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baby planet

Finding the perfect double stroller is a tough job. We have searched high and low and have found one that makes us dance. BABY PLANET is a fabulous company that not only makes slick looking rides, but it gives back by recycling your stroller once you and your brood are done with it. If the stroller can handle some more mileage, BABY PLANET will buff it up and fine tune it and donate it. If on the other hand, you rode your stroller into the ground, they will recycle all the parts and keep Mother Earth happy. That fact could have hooked me alone, but BABY PLANET’S UNITY DOUBLE STROLLER is also an urban mommies best friend. Fresh colors, modern look and the easiest steering handle we have ever had the pleasure of using. Don’t worry, there’s tons of room in the basket underneath for all your gear from Kitson and Lisa Kline. This stroller was designed by people who know what moms need and want. We’ve got to have style, comfort and a big basket to carry all our treats. Show the Planet some love and visit

Baby Planet Unity Sport Double Stroller Terra CottaDedicated to protecting the environment your kids will someday inherit, Baby Planet will recycle your old stroller to help stop the overcrowding of landfills. They combine cutting-edge technology with an innovative spirit to create safe, stylish, and durable products, and the Unity Sport is no exception. Beyond the lightweight frame, it’s specifically designed with a parent’s pushing experience in mind.

Baby Planet Max Pro Travel System RedThe Baby Planet Max Pro Travel System is a stylish, simple, and affordable stroller that accepts most infant car seats on the market today, then converts to seated stroller with a 5-point harness. Ergonomic and minimalist, the Max Pro travel system stroller is a reflection of Baby Planet’s strong environmental commitment .

Fresh As A Daisy

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With Mother's Day around the corner, it's time to pamper yourself.  So drop that dirty diaper, order take out for supper and tell daddy he's got a date with Elmo, cause you're taking a much needed mommy night.  What better way to treat yourself then to slip into some comfy and stylish lounge wear and curl up with the latest edition of Instyle?   We love the Blooming Flowers available at HATLEY NATURE.  Their spring line is fresh and snazzy, and adored by Hollywood.  GWYNETH PALTROW, and KELLY RIPA, two super chic mommies, who love to dress their kids in HATLEY, and now you can see why.  The Blooming Flowers collection for moms and children is perfect for spring and for kicking back and relaxing.  HATLEY is known for their play on words and funny puns, so expect a little smile when people see you in your BLOOMING PERFECTION tee, and your wee one in their BLOOMING GENIUS dress.  We love the gorgeous violet color they used and that you can get rain gear to match.  Patterned rainboots are all the rage and on all the feet of who's who in Tinseltown.   HATLEY'S daisy patterned boots are timeless and will make you want to jump in the puddles.  Yummy cotton clothes that keep you hip and comfy, and pretty daisy boots that keep you fabulous and dry, what more do you and GWYNETH need? Get your HATLEY on and thank us later at   

Tees That Make Us Smile

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Little Uni Little Uni Little Uni Little Uni Little Uni Little Uni

Are you looking for something sophisticated and original for your baby?  Look no further than uber cool LITTLE UNI.  They make sweet and simple tees and onesies with funky appliqués in the shapes of scooters, lattes, milk trucks and ice cream cones.  No teddy bears or frilly bows here.  You can even get the tee personalized with your tots name.  We love how innocent yet grown up they are.  It’s fun dressing your baby in clothes that tell a little bit about the both of you.  If you love driving your Vespa with the wind in your hair (and while dad is home bathing and feeding the kiddies) then the Scooter tee is perfect.  If you can’t make it through the day without your double skinny latte then you guessed it, the latte tee is a must.  With their minimal words and great artwork, these tees are sure to be a hit with celebrity mommies.  Can’t you just see APPLE MARTIN wearing LITTLE UNI’S Delicious Apple tee at her birthday party this May?  Don’t steal my gift idea Chris.  How about the Bloom tee in olive for VIOLET AFFLECK?  So modern and hip, LITTLE UNI knows what trendy mommies want….comfy tees for baby that say a lot, without all the fuss. Check out their distinctive style at

Trend Alert: Earth Friendly Diaper Bags

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I know what you’re thinking….diapers and the environment go together like sandals and socks.  Not pretty.  We haven’t switched over to cloth diapers yet (Will we ever?  I promise to try next time around) but we do love the new trend of carrying all your diapering needs in a bag that is friendly to Mother Earth.  It’s what all the super hip mommies in Hollywood are doing, and if they have time to save the planet, then so do we.  According to People magazine’s Off The Rack ( our favorite site to see what the stars are coveting) chic moms like GWYNETH PALTROW and SARAH JESSICA PARKER are loving the RE-RUN STROLLER BAGS from the trendy and fabulous FLEURVILLE.  The Re-Run is made using materials from recycled plastic water bottles.  How wonderful is that?  It’s look is modern and minimalist, so you don’t bog yourself down with any of the unnecessary gear you usually bring along with you (don’t worry, you’ll still have room to slip your Vogue and People in there).  Fleurville also makes some bags that are free of PVC, a harmful chemical that really messes up our planet.  They use environmentally friendly ways to ensure their bags are strong and moisture repellent.  Good on them!  Our favorite chemically sound bag is the brilliant SLING TOTE.  Gorgeous, and it can be carried three ways: over the shoulder, messenger style and attached to your stroller.  It’s going to make a great beach bag.  So there you have it…no more excuses.  Go be green and get yourself a baby bag from Fleurville,, and pat yourself on the back.

Fleurville – Sling Tote Pink Chocolate Diaper Bag

Baby Center carries some yummy Sling Totes too.

Livie & Luca: Must Have Shoes

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livie and luca

We love finding a fabulous pair of shoes.  What girl doesn’t?  The next best thing to getting yourself a pair of Choos is finding the perfect pair of shoes for your wee one.  We love the hip and modern style of LIVIE & LUCA.  They make shoes that are tough enough for a long day at the playground and fashionable enough to catch the eye of celeb mommy BROOKE SHIELDS.  I wonder if her newest edition wore them to play with her best buddy SURILIVIE & LUCA’S handmade soft leather shoes are lightweight and flexible so your little tot’s tootsies will be super comfy.  They have several different styles to choose from and use bright rich colors with sophisticated detailing that will delight your baby and keep them on the fashion DO list.  If you have a budding BECKHAM in your home then the VIVA FUTBOL shoes will be a must.  We love the NAVY FUN DOTS as they go with everything and are so comfy for our pumpkin.  You can dress them up with an empire waist frock, or dress them down with a pair of dark wash capris.  Or you could outfit your kiddie like a snazzy celeb baby and get yourself a pair of their funky VEGGIE shoes like BROOKE did.  So unexpected and hip, these shoes are soon to be on the feet of all the diapered A listers.  Go for something unpredictable and truly original at

We’re Nuts About Sweet Peanut

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Style and comfort are two things that you just can’t compromise on when dressing your baby.  SWEET PEANUT takes care of those two necessities and more with their hip and happening line of yummy clothes.  A celeb mommy fave, SWEET PEANUT makes delicious cotton outfits that will keep baby fashionable.  JENNIFER GARNER’S daughter VIOLET and ANGELINA’S tot SHILOH are known to own SWEET PEANUT designs.  So young and already filling their closets with fashion must haves.  Their line of essentials includes onesies, dresses, hoodies, and lounge pants with original designs and unexpected details.  With flat seems and freedom from uncooperative buttons, these clothes are made for fun playdates.  We love the Alphabet Soup dress with a drop waist and pleats.  Perfect for a day filled with shoe shopping and brunch with mommy.  SWEET PEANUT’S OM BUDDY line of cotton outfits with embroidered yoga vocab is a cult classic in the land of red carpets, privet jets and jeweled soothers.  If you and your budding yogi love to practice your lotus position together then OM BUDDY is a must.  It will keep him comfy during nap time and appropriately dressed for a Sunday stroll though Central Park.  Go see what keeps swish celeb babies posh and pampered at

Find Of The Week

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Each week at Celebrity Baby Clothes we’re going to tell you about our FIND OF THE WEEK.  Sometimes it will be for mommy, sometimes for baby…depends on the week.  Our pick will always be fun, fabulous and a must have.  This week we are loving our WATERSALL ATOMIZER.  What’s an atomizer you ask?  Well, it’s a fancy word to describe water in a can.  WATERSALL has perfected the art of delivering a purified mist of H20 to your parched and dehydrated skin.  Atomizers used to be something only supermodels used on their first class flight from New York to Paris…not anymore.  Sorry Naomi, but now they’re in all the posh diaper bags of smart mommies.  Until I had a baby, I never would have thought of using it for my little peanut.  When she’s too hot, the super fine mist cools her off (and amuses her).  When she’s messy and sticky the moisture helps clean her up.  WATERSALL comes in two choices of packaging. One is upscale and spa worthy, while the other called SPLASH COOL is perfect for the pool or day at the beach with it’s funky design.  Don’t worry mom about chemicals, preservatives and alcohol because WATERSALL doesn’t use any of that stuff.  Pure, simple and refreshing.  What else do you need?  Go cool off at

Splash Cool 14oz

Wearable Art

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It can be difficult these days, in the world of big box stores to find original and stylish baby clothes.  You think you found the most unique tee or onesie and then three other kiddies show up at the playground wearing the same one.  The drama of it all.  MAKRISTA BABY makes the most unique and stunning baby clothes, that will keep your little pumpkin hip and one of a kind.  We love the shabby chic feel to the tees and the simple but true quotes written on them.  The hand dyed clothes with their distressed appliqués are super soft and get noticed everywhere we go.  With shades like Irish Moss, China Blue, Moroccan Gold and Brazilian Forrest, your baby will look like they stepped out of a fashion magazine.  Being wine lovers, the NEW VINTAGE tee was the perfect choice for our little one to wear.  The artwork on the patches and screen printed tees is hand drawn and full of delicate detail. So elegant.  You can choose to have one of their many sweet designs on a dress, or a tee or even a hat.  MAKRISTA BABY will wrap up your gift in a funky takeout box so you can arrive at that baby shower in style, as usual.  Click to see what we already love.

Who wants to win?  Be the first to tell us which celeb mommy you want to hear more about at by midnight Friday April 20th, and you can own a gorgeous onesie from MAKRISTA. Simple as that.