A Pretty Mess

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No way around it, meal time for baby is messy business.  You start out civilized and calm and usually both of you end up with avocado up your nose.  GIGGLES BIBS will help you keep baby’s shirt clean and spotless while adding flare and style to the dinner table.  These bibs, which have been featured in Baby Talk and American Baby magazine, are made by hand, are super easy to clean and have a nifty pocket to collect all the animal crackers your little peanut drops.  Who knew bibs could be so stylish?  I used to be the kind of mom that got stressed when stains didn’t come out of a bib, and I’m still that mommy, but GIGGLES BIBS has solved my problem.  The easy to clean vinyl bibs always look pretty, fresh and new ( great for those surprise drop in guests, you can fake your kid always looking tidy with one wipe).  GIGGLES BIBS are funky, original and practical…a chic mommy’s dream.  Your baby’s tee will be fashionably protected while you dine at The Ivy or Mr. Chow with your mommy friends. We love our Green Grass bib the most, but all of GIGGLES BIBS are fabulous and fun.  The colors are bright and vibrant which will keep baby focused and happy during meal time.  Go see for yourself and pick up a few for your little bean or for that baby shower you’re invited to www.gigglesbibs.com