Protect That Tush

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How do celebrity moms keep their tot’s tushies clean while changing their baby’s bottom?  They use their TUSHYGEAR  they received in this years OSCAR gift basket.  TUSHYGEAR is a stylish tote that fits three diapers and a case of wipes and provides a comfy and clean change pad for your baby to have their diaper changed .  You can choose from tons of delicious and brilliant designs and it rolls up and ties with a simple but classy white bow.  It’s machine washable so don’t fret over any unfortunate mess.  We love the rebel feel of our TATTOO TUSHYGEAR. So funky and fun.  I wonder if that’s the one MISS JOLIE received?  It’s so her.  Once you pack it up with your diapers and wipes you can fit a small tin of bum cream in their too, and if you have a newborn you can roll a tiny onesie up as well…we tried it, and it worked.  Then all you have to do is throw it in your YSL Muse purse and you’ re good to go.  No fuss, and you only have to take one bag with you.  Other chic mommies that have the fabulous  TUSHYGEAR  are BROOKE SHEILDS, CATE BLANCHET and GWYNETH PALTROW.  Pamper that  priceless tush at