Viva Dolca!

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DOLCA is a fantastic line of clothes and accessories from Spain that we are head over heels for.  Backpacks, bibs, shoes and outfits, all in colors that pop and designs that make getting dressed fun again (even at 6am with a fashion diva meltdown).  Our little tot has been strutting her stuff at the local playground in her fab new polka dot jacket.  Everyone wants to know where we found such an original zip up, and we send them to our new fave DOLCA.  Fun, whimsical and full of European flare, these clothes will spruce up your little ones wardrobe.  Featured in Child magazine (another mommy must have), DOLCA also makes the best Mary Janes and flip flops for your wee one.  With great bold colors and sleek form, these are shoes that look as comfy as they are stylish.  With original artwork and classy designs, DOLCA will soon become a staple in all the wardrobes of those celeb babies in the know.  You don’t need to warm the jet up and fly to Madrid to see DOLCA’S latest threads, just click or and see where they sell their fab clothes.

Find Of The Week: Arm Candy Baby

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We LOVE LOVE LOVE all things funky and retro here at Celebrity Baby Clothes.  Find me a onesie with hip vintage prints and I’m a happy mommy.  With knowing that, there should be no surprise when we gush about our fave find of the week: ARM CANDY BABY, they make onesies and tees with vintage inspired candy screen prints.  How delicious is that?  Can’t you just picture your sweet thing wearing a tee with gumdrops and lollipops?  The fun doesn’t end there ladies...ARM CANDY BABY, a fave of Rachael Ray and featured in her fab mag Everyday With Rachael Ray this month, adds the most spot on sayings to their super fun tees.  We love the bodysuit that has a swirly lollipop and “Sweet….But Twisted” written underneath.  How true is that?  Don’t even get me started about how yummy their packaging is…they will pack your fantastic ARM CANDY tee in a candy box…perfect for that summer baby shower.  ARM CANDY BABY is sure to take over the baby clothing world with their original and so beautifully designed must haves.  Get all the scrumptious fun, without the unwanted calories at

Yummy Bath Oil

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I am a beauty product addict and I think my little tot is on her way there too.  She loves the pretty packages and scrumptious smells as much as her mommy.  We just started using MUNDO’S Baby Oil with delectable calendula.  So rich and moisturizing, our skin will be super soft for summer.  That’s the beauty of this fab MUNDO product, it can be used for you and baby.  Put a little in the tub, or massage it onto baby’s skin after a bubble bath.  Relaxation and bonding all in one fantastic bottle.  We love how simple and pure MUNDO baby products are.  Plants, jojoba oils, and organic herbs and flowers make up the soothing concoctions we have fallen in love with.  Mommy Tip:  I rub the Baby Oil on my feet at night and put on some sensible socks (yah, I know…really sexy) and in the morning VOILA!…soft smooth feet to slip into my sandals.  Check out all of MUNDO’S yum body products for you and baby at

Milk Bomb Hits The Spot

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We’re so over tees and onesies for little tots that say “princess” or “drama queen”.  We want humor and wit for our clever babies and that’s just what you get and then some with MILK BOMB tees and onesies.  Celeb mommies already in the know about the trendy and hip tees are MARCIA CROSS and AMANDA PEET, who both gave birth the same week this past February.  Their tots will be strutting the posh LA playgrounds wearing “OUR LITTLE TAX WRITE OFF” onesies.  Hilarious.  If your planning a trip to Cabo like all the other jet setting babies, then their “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU GET TO SIT NEAR ME” tee is an absolute must.  You’ll get that cranky seat mate next to your baby to smile from the start.  Super soft and funky, MILK BOMB is set to take over Hollywood with it’s original tees and fresh designs.  Zip on over to and see what gives us a chuckle and keeps the baby in style.

Soothing Essentials

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veda bath products

Keeping our baby’s skin soft, smooth and healthy is a necessity.  Not a bath or diaper change goes by that I’m not slathering on body cream or a bum paste on baby.  vedaPURE has just made those rituals more natural and chemical free for us.  Created by a pediatrician, vedaPURE uses all natural ingredients in it’s fabulous creams, shampoos, butters and moisturizers.  With coconut oil, rosemary, green tea and lavender, you know these products smell as good as they soothe.  No one in the family gets left out by vedaPURE as they have three lines of products to care for all you family’s needs: vedaMAMA, vedaBABY and vedaDUDE.  We are lovin’ our vedaMAMA Refresh Body Cream with it’s invigorating and inspiring scent.  Made with yummy ginger and lime essential oils, this cream helps reduce those unfortunate stretch marks.  Amen.  All the products in the vedaBABY line are super yummy and delicious, and we can not go one day without our Baby Butter…so rich that you have to scoop it.  (yes I have been known to steal a scoop or two from baby).  Although we have yet to try out their line for men, we can see from the sleek packaging that it would make a brilliant gift for that daddy to be.  Featured in Glamour, Pregnancy & Newborn and US Weekly, vedaPURE is a definite mommy must have.  Go see what makes us smooth and smelling fantastic at

The Milkman Delivers

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We love funky tees and onesies at Celeb Baby Clothes.  Forget Mickey, we want stylish and hip clothes for our toddler that are free of million dollar mice.  THE MILKMAN is satisfying our craving for snazzy one of a kind shirts.  Their tees are made of pre faded cotton so your babe will be able to pull of that oh-so-now retro look with ease.  Think MADDOX JOLIE-PITT’S vintage style meets VIOLET AFFLECK’S whimsical taste. Our little bub is sporting the Guitar Tee in pink.  So fabulous and cool.  Also a must have for any summer wardrobe is their Penguin onesie.  THE MILKMAN also offers gift packaging that will get all the ladies at the baby shower ohhing and ahhing.  They will pack your new onesie up in a 50’s style glass milk bottle.  How cool is that?  Check out their edgy and hip threads at

Bella Mama: Pampering At It’s Best

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When pregnant, all you want is to feel pampered and glowing.  If you’re feeling a little less than stellar while your body undergoes a million physical and emotional changes (emotional wreck anyone?), then get yourself a mommy treat.  Celebrity moms are letting us in on their little pregnancy beauty secret: BELLA MAMA, makers of healthy and soothing necessities for expecting parents.  ANGELINA JOLIE and GWYNETH PALTROW can now count BELLA MAMA (and yummy BRAD PITT) as something in common.  KATE HUDSON and GWEN STEFANI also love the all natural line of products.  Now we know how those gorgeous Hollywood mommies keep up appearances through morning sickness and 4 AM feedings.  We love all our products from BELLA, but our favorite is the Belly Butter, great for that super itchy belly and for minimizing those wretched stretch marks.  So delicious and rich, with a delicate scent of lavender, mandarin and sweet orange.  It’s a beauty must have for me, pregnant or not.  We also can’t live without their Face and Body Spritzer, also a must have for MRS. AFFLECK.  JENNIFER loves the green tea and rose bud concoction as well.  I knew we would have something in common.  Better yet, get a bit of everything with their fab starter kit.  Get on the same yummy mummy page like us and check out the irresistible treats at BELLA MAMA


Find Of The Week: Kee-Ka

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Organic baby clothes are not just for tree huggers anymore.  Hip and trendy moms who know what’s best, dress their tots in clothing that is free of chemicals and gentler on Mother Earth.  KEE-KA pairs style with earth friendly outfits.  They make tees, onesies, bibs and blankets that are 100% organic and packaged in super hip boxes ready to mail.  Could it get any easier (and more fashionable) than that?  Any celeb baby worth their street cred has threads in their walk-in closet that are organic.  Celebrity baby twins of JULIA ROBERTS, HAZEL and FIN, have been known to wear the super yummy KEE-KA.  We love how soft and cuddly the tees feel and the warm words printed across the chest.  Our favorite is the Sweet Pea tee.  Simple luxury.  Featured in Parents & Baby and US Weekly, KEE-KA is what stylish moms want to get and give.  We also love that KEE-KA gives back to people in need.  Their line of organic tees featuring artwork by pediatric patients at ST JUDE’S CHILDREN’S RESEARCH HOSPITAL is a hit with celeb moms like JAIME PRESSLY and BROOKE BURKE.  One hundred percent of the proceeds go to help kids with cancer (  KEE-KA, an absolutely fabulous children’s apparel and bedding company that makes gift giving green and classy.  Check out all their delectable gear at
Kee-KaSweetpea Short Sleeve T-Shirt Size 2 Years

Baby Center sells Kee-Ka and there’s a sale on right now 

It’s The Balm

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We are hooked on BALM BALM, a fabulous organic lip and face balm from our friends across the pond in England.  Already a cult favorite and in all the makeup bags of who’s in the know, BALM BALM makes our dry and rough skin super soft and yummy.  Featured in Company and She magazine, this must have moisturizer made of all natural ingredients is more than just a lip balm…you can go wild and apply it to just about anywhere you think needs a little help.  Dry knees?  No problem.  Is your baby’s bottom red and tender? Apply a little BALM and sooth babe’s bum.  Are your brows doing their own thing?  Dab a little of this magic emollient on them and your look well groomed and 10 years younger.  We love the sweet packaging too and the fact that you can get your BALM BALM in the healing Rose Geranium scent.  So delicate yet so powerful…we think we’re in love.  Makes a perfect treat for that mommy to be.  So toss out that old Chapstick and see what those cool Brits are using to sooth their mommy and baby skin :

Summer Fun

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We love finding out what you, our dear readers love.  Louise let us know about the uber cool CHEEKYPOP KIDS, a delicious line of children’s clothes designed and printed in Australia.  We’re diggin’ our new “Man It’s Hot” ribbed tank top for our little pumpkin.  With the summer months ahead (for us in the Northern Hemisphere anyway) this tank will get lots of wear.  CHEEKYPOP’S creations are fresh, hip and so original.  It won’t be long before all the celeb babies catch on to these funky threads from OZ.  Your babe will definitely make a statement on the swing set in her “4 Hearts” tee, and your buba will be the picture of cool in his “Going No Where” black tee. They make fashionable clothes for all the little dears in your busy life.  Aussies are always in the know about what’s hip and fabulous, and CHEEKYPOP is all that and more.  Show Suri and Apple a thing or two about kids fashion and check out and their free shipping offer.