Milk Bomb Hits The Spot

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We’re so over tees and onesies for little tots that say “princess” or “drama queen”.  We want humor and wit for our clever babies and that’s just what you get and then some with MILK BOMB tees and onesies.  Celeb mommies already in the know about the trendy and hip tees are MARCIA CROSS and AMANDA PEET, who both gave birth the same week this past February.  Their tots will be strutting the posh LA playgrounds wearing “OUR LITTLE TAX WRITE OFF” onesies.  Hilarious.  If your planning a trip to Cabo like all the other jet setting babies, then their “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU GET TO SIT NEAR ME” tee is an absolute must.  You’ll get that cranky seat mate next to your baby to smile from the start.  Super soft and funky, MILK BOMB is set to take over Hollywood with it’s original tees and fresh designs.  Zip on over to and see what gives us a chuckle and keeps the baby in style.