Mommy Indulgence

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So the little one goes for a nap.  What do you do?  Well you could mop the floor, wash the windows and finally pop in that kickboxing DVD you’ve been meaning to get to…..or you could plop your self down on the sofa, switch on General Hospital (Will Sonny and Carly just get back together already!?!) and savor a fabulous exotic chocolate bar.  That’s just what I finished doing and I feel fabulous…except for the Sonny & Carly drama.  VOSGES is the most delectable chocolate we’ve ever experienced and recommended by INSTYLE magazine.  So luxurious and delicious that we needed to share our find so you can treat yourself too.  We discovered it while pushing our stroller through SOHO a few weeks ago on a much needed vacation.  We were hot, tired and needed a little something to keep going.  The air conditioning alone would have kept me there.  We three enjoyed the yummiest cold chocolate drinks (the parents added a shot of espresso to keep up with the baby) and toddled about the chocolate boutique.  The cafe is very welcoming of mommies with babies too…the staff was super sweet and friendly.  There literally was chocolate everywhere you looked.  VOSGES also has chocolate inspired clothing that is truly stylish and funky.  The husband got a fresh tee that’s super original.  VOSGES ships world wide, so don’t fret if you can’t make it down to Soho.  So ditch that Snickers bar momma, and treat yourself to some haut chocolate that is truly worthy of your precious mommy break.  Our fave is the NAGA bar and the GIANDUJA….I hid some away just for me!  Go see what chic chocolate is all about at

Celebrate In Style

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rusty bumperrusty bumperrusty bumperrusty bumper

RUSTY BUMPER has done it again!  We were so impressed with our yummy chocolate brown and urban black onesies, that we couldn’t wait to try our fabulous Fireworks Tee that actually glows in the dark.  Whimsical and fun, this tee will be a hit at your Canada Day or Fourth Of July fete!  We love the super soft cotton, and obviously the pink tee caught our eye, but you can choose the super cool shirt in blue or yellow too.  Once you put it on your little bean and turn out the lights, all you’ll hear are the hysterical giggles as they see the fireworks “light up”.  Makes a smashing tee for a birthday girl or boy too.  If ya can’t have fireworks on your birthday, then when can you?  Get your summer holiday groove on at  Don’t forget to check out their hip and funky onesies and hoodies as well.

Maternity Jeans From The Catwalk

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Toss out those frumpy old maternity overalls ladies.  Pregnancy is a time to show off your fabulous bump and let the world know you are the yummiest of mummies.  Maternity jeans that are straight from the Milan Fashion Week are a must for the stylish pregnant momma to be.  PIETRO BRUNELLI makes the most figure flattering and chic maternity jeans we’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing.  They feel like they were tailored to fit me personally.  So comfortable and chic, these high end jeans will make you feel like the sexy and beautiful woman you are.  Made in Italy and worn by celebrities throughout Europe and all over the world,  PIETRO BRUNELLI’S pret-a-porter maternity line will make you the most delicious mommy on the block.  We love our stretch denim with vintage detailing.  It hugs the body in all the right places.  His modern maternity jeans celebrate motherhood and help show the world how stunning a pregnant woman is.   PIETRO BRUNELLI MATERNITY APPEAL, featured in Junior Pregnancy & Baby and Vogue Bambini, is simply the most gorgeous and elegant line of maternity wear available.  It’s for the woman who doesn’t want to give up her impeccable style and edge.  His dresses and shirts, made of the most desirable fabrics are found on pregnant mommies all over Paris, London and Milan…slip on a pair of his exquisite jeans and you’ll see why.  Strut on over to for some European style.

Find Of The Week: California Baby

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California Baby

Being the first day of summer, we thought we should rave about our favorite sun screen for children.  CALIFORNIA BABY is our beach time must have, as well as California celeb mommy DENISE RICHARDS, according to Child Magazine (my fave “mommy time”read).  Their sunscreen is chemical free and uses all natural ingredients, so it’s safe for your wee one.  We love the non-greasy feel and they’re right when they say it works great for mommy’s face under make-up…no sticky mess while it protects you from dreadful wrinkles.  If your planning a camping trip or a family hike or two this sunny season, don’t forget to keep the buggies off the kids.  CALIFORNIA BABY makes the best combo of sunscreen and bug repellent out there, and it’s super safe for little tots over 6 months.  Their Citronella Bug Blend keeps the bites at bay with citronella, cedar wood and lemongrass, and it won’t sting the eyes.  How convenient and fantastic is that?  We love 2 in 1 products…leaves more room in the diaper bag for a gossip mag.  We love all their fresh products, from the yummy I LOVE YOU Bubble Bath (with essential oils) to their gifts packs that make a great baby shower gift.  So go frolic in the sun, just remember to slap on the sun screen and slip on a fabulous hat.  Check out the buzz at

California Baby Starter Tote

Sunscreen SPF 30+ – No Fragrance, 2.9 oz

SPF 30+ Sunscreen – Citronella Bug Blend, 2.9 oz

Fresh & Fabulous : Phil & Ted’s Sport BuggyPhil and Teds Sport Buggy

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Phil & Teds Stroller

Move over Peg Perego…there’s a new stroller in town and it’s taking over the celebrity baby world.  PHIL & TED’S SPORT BUGGY is the stroller of choice for celeb mommy GWYNETH PALTROW and rock star dad CHRIS MARTIN.  They have it in the fabulous Apple Green shade (how could they resist?).  We tested out our PHIL & TED’S SPORT BUGGY in the madness of New York City last week.  If it could handle a family trip to the Big Apple then it could handle anything.  It’s a snap to fold up, which made it perfect for hopping on the plane and in and out of the subway.  The front swivel wheel made it super easy for us to get into FAO Schwartz and Bloomingdale’s for a much deserved mommy break.  No worries about nap time, cause this brilliant stroller allows your baby to lay back and snooze while you and hubby read the New York Post over coffee and bagels.  We couldn’t get over how many people stopped us on the street asking about our stylish and sturdy stroller.  Of coarse I chose the fresh Apple Green model like GWYNNIE (best friends need to have the same stroller right?….just kidding…sort of), and everyone from business men on Madison Ave to stylish ladies in front of Bergdorf Goodman thought the color was stunning and the look was sleek.  PHIL & TED’S has the approval of fickle fashion capital New York, what more do you need than that?  If you’re in the market for a double stroller, PHIL & TED’S has a Double Kit that clicks onto the back to form a double buggy.  How simple and stress free is that?  A stroller built for two, without the added width that makes entering your favorite cafe a struggle.  Hurray!  BTW…SAM ALEXIS WOODS, daughter of TIGER and ELIN have just received their PHIL & TED’S stroller.  When you see a pic of them in US WEEKLY, remember you heard it here first.  Check out this cool ride from New Zealand at  Life is short , be bold like GWYNETH and go for the Apple Green.

Posh & Perfect

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Looking for a perfect baby gift for the ‘oh so hard to buy for’ mommy to be?  We have found the most perfect and cuddly baby blanket that’s loved by the most stylish celeb mommies.  MAX DANIEL BABY makes luxury baby blankets in the most fabulous colors and patterns.  Our little pumpkin has been soothing herself to sleep with their delicious Chocolate and Blush Polka Dot blankie.  VIOLET AFFLECK certainly has good taste as she has been photographed by US WEEKLY and PEOPLE snuggling her MAX DANIEL blankies (the smart tot has the blanket in several shades).  HEIDI KLUM and TORI SPELLING, two of Hollywood’s most fresh and fashion savvy mommies also have received MAX DANIEL’S fantastic creations.  Soft and soothing, these blankets will make you an absolute MAX DANIEL addict.  Who could blame you?  Chic, gorgeous and hip, these blankies are the talk of Tinseltown.  Fashion Tip:  For that sophisticated wedding and all your summer soirées, leave the cotton fleece blanket at home and bring along a MAX DANIEL lush throw or burp cloth.  Babies need to accessorize too, and MAX DANIEL is the obvious choice.  Get your hands on this plush piece of heaven and be the talk of your mommy group at

Find Of The Week:Largo’s Lipstick

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Vincent Largo

Sometimes all you need to feel fabulous is a great lipstick.  You can be schlepping around in your baggy jogging pants and an old pub crawl tee with mac-n-cheese stains courtesy of your darling daughter….you slip on some yummy lipstick and PRESTO…you feel like Cindy Crawford.  Well, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I truly feel a million times better once I have a little color on my lips.  VINCENT LARGO, uber makeup artist to the stars and celeb mommies of Hollywood has just the thing for summer.  His BABY BALM LIPSTICK SPF12 is a definite mommy must have.  It’s a gloss meets lipstick/balm.  The best of all worlds, and it comes in subtle shades that will look great at the beach with the family and out for a romantic date with the husband .  It moisturizes and gives your lips a boost of natural looking color.  VINCENT has worked with such gorgeous celeb mommies as GWYNETH PALTROW (where have you been hiding lately?) and SARAH JESSICA PARKER (loving the look of her affordable new line Bitten).  Our fave is the Bon Voyage shade….makes us feel like we’re picnicking at Versailles… so glamorous.   See all that MR. LARGO has to offer at

Hatch Your Own Style

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Finding clothes that fit, look stylish and keep you comfortable while pregnant is a challenge every pregnant momma to be knows about. Building a great maternity wardrobe is vital but can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to look, but we’ve done the research for you. We are loving the fresh maternity separates and chic basics by HATCH MATERNITY. Using the best in jersey knit, their creations are stylish, flattering and so comfy you can put your pregnant feet up and take a nap in them (sleep while you can momma!). Sophisticated dresses, clean lines, tone on tone shades, these clothes are a mommy dream. Gone are the days where you need to cover up that beautiful belly with baggy collage tees and gigantic bows (thank goodness). Now you can stay as fabulous and well dressed as you were before you took this leap. All of their pieces work together and look great paired with your own favorites. Our absolute favorite if we must narrow it down is the Cap Sleeve Tee in Indigo Blue….such a great basic. This tee looks delicious with a skirt and it’s perfect for dressing up your everyday maternity jeans. New celeb mommy TORI SPELLING is a fan too. She “loves” her HATCH MATERNITY Ruched Dress. Tori had great maternity style, didn’t she? Let HATCH build you a yummy mummy wardrobe at


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Wear Your Baby With Style

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I’m all about babywearing.  We love a stylish baby sling here at Celeb Baby Clothes, if the fit is right and the fabric is stunning.  Nothing better than having your baby close and cuddly while you two wander through the Saturday Farmer’s Market nibbling on yummy croissants.  So when we heard of FIZZABELLA and looked at their fabulous creations, I had to try them out myself.  Absolutely gorgeous and super comfortable, my FIZZABELLA sling goes everywhere with us.  We chose the IRELAND pattern and have been stopped so many times we lost count, by moms who want to know about this chic and practical carrier.  Reversible, adjustable, affordable and easy to use, the most difficult part is choosing one of their classy patterns.  What sets this sling apart from the rest is the pockets sewn on to the slings so that you can carry a bottle, a diaper and some wipes (I like to roll up the latest US Weekly and slip it in the pocket too).  No need to carry a diaper bag!  Just take what ya need and go…how fab is that?  Visit and let us know how much you love their slings.

Original and One Of A Kind Onesies

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2 one 5

Tired of the same old baby clothes you are finding at your local Gap?  Want something original and perhaps in a limited edition, like a good celeb mommy?  Take a peek at the funky and truly unique onesies at 2 one 5.  Buying for little boys can be difficult if you don't have a thing for sailboats or baseballs (and don't even get us started on Disney characters).  2 one 5 has designs that are urban, edgy and made in a limited run, so you know he'll be the only one at the sandbox sporting his original look.  We love the trendy Bridge Camo onesie.  So fresh and unexpected.  You can dress the little girlie in your life in their Skyline pink and white onesie for a carefree and breezy look for the warm summer days to come.  Featured in June's GQ 2 one 5 also designs fabulous tees and cool hoodies for the hip daddy (isn't Father's Day next week?).  Get your baby's stylish new look started at