House Of Dreams

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We have found the most fabulous and creative toy. It’s European and so hip, that you’ll be playing with it too. We are enamored with HOUSE from the Dutch company KIDSONROOF. HOUSE is a perfect toy for your little Picasso or Rembrandt, and it will keep their artistic expression off your white leather chair. It is simply a toddler size home made from recycled and biodegradable materials. With it’s white walls and doors, it’s ready for your child’s paint brush and whimsical designs. Makes a super cool and funky present, and for once you’ll be happy they want to play with the box. Your little artist can add colorful curtains, put up some vintage wallpaper, or paste their favorite family photos on the bare walls. That’s the beauty of HOUSE, it can be whatever they want it to be We love that it keeps our toddler busy using her imagination, and that gives mommy some much needed tea and magazine time. Simple and chic, visit to see HOUSE, and their cool blue MOBILE HOME. They donate 5% of their profits to UNICEF…how wonderful is that?