Flirty Maternity Lingerie

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When you’re eight months along and feel exhausted, frumpy and can’t understand why wearing your sweat pants to bed again is an issue for your partner, it’s time to switch it up. Being pregnant is a time to show it off, not hide it all away under your favorite university tee. Sure, there are times when dressing like a college student during finals is appropriate, but not while you are pregnant. The best way to perk up your mood when lugging the extra 30 (or more) pounds around is to get a new do, wear a fabulous new lipstick and slip on some yummy new lingerie. Pregnant mommies to be deserve to feel sexy too, and we love the classy, yet seductive finds at SWEET DREAMS. We chose their gorgeous and versatile white cotton gown. Just fancy enough to feel special, and you really can just throw on a pair of jeans a funky little cardigan over top to run out to the shops. Lingerie as day wear…how Madonna of us! SWEET DREAMS was worn by TORI SPELLING on her show Tori & Dean : Inn Love ( yes, I am a proud fan). I know how some of you feel about TORI, but you have to admit she had great maternity style throughout her nine months. Check out all of SWEET DREAMS treats at and get sexy like TORI.