Mommy Time

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As much as I love shopping for my little dear, I love treating myself to a present every now and then too. We deserve it mommas…those babies aren’t raising themselves. Between all the dirty diapers, apple sauce on the walls and endless onesies to wash, you need a moment to yourself. Don’t wait for anyone to spoil you…spoil yourself. The other day we tested out a fab new soap that has “Mommy Time” written all over it. BIGGS & FEATHERBELLE, a fave of the gorgeous HEIDI KLUM, makes a scrumptious soap called Momma Bear that is all natural and full of essential oils to keep you soft and smooth. The minute we opened it we knew it was going to be a favorite of ours here at Celeb Baby Clothes as well. The scent of lavender hits you immediately and when I got out of the tub (the only place a mom can truly escape the madness) my skin was super soft. I didn’t even put cream on, and I always put cream on. Must be the olive and avocado oil they use. BIGGS & FEATHERBELLE make balms and soaks that are free of all those crazy chemicals. Love it! We think this soap will make a spot on Christmas gift or shower present. A mom-to-be needs all the relaxing lavender she can get. Lather up with Momma Bear at