Bold Stripes

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Stripes are everywhere this fall…the runway, the chic streets of New York, and on the well heeled lady in that little French cafe you love to go to. Not just for classy sweaters and knits anymore, stripes are popping up in unexpected places. Why not let your little baby in on the fashion fun and get him decked out in the bold and funky onesies from the fantastic UK company BRIGHTS AND STRIPES. Super soft and we love the fit. Can’t tell you how many onesies we’ve tossed when we see how big and bulky they are. BRIGHTS AND STRIPES have a touch of lycra to keep your baby snug and comfy. Our favorite color combo is the Canary Yellow and Pea Green..this onesie is soooo KINGSTON ROSSDALE with it’s fresh and funky style. We also had the chance to try out their cuddly blankets. They feel smooth and yummy and wash like a dream. For all you mommies of newborns, these blankets are perfect for swaddling. It drives me nuts when a blanket is too small to wrap your baby up…what’s the point? Find the onesie and blanky that best suits your wee one’s style at

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