Scrub It

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When OPRAH loves something, I just have to try it. Love her favorites list, and this year something in particular caught my eye. Miss O featured the fantastic and eco friendly cleaners from SHAKLEE. Being a mom that’s concerned about all the chemicals my tot is exposed to made me want to change the way I clean my home. SKAKLEE’S products are super concentrated so they last forever and even though this may sound slightly shallow, I must admit that the packaging is my favorite part…clean, slick and so pretty that I leave it on the counter to showoff a little. We tried out their Get Clean Starter Kit (love the handy basket it comes in) and can’t stop scrubing the house. Wake up and smell the unscented cleaner mommies, and start 2008 more earth friendly. Your baby will thank you as they crawl along the sparkling clean and ammonia free floor. Check out SHAKLEE at