Pamper Yourself Like A Celebrity Mom

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Farmhouse Fresh

After a long tiring day on a movie set, celebrity moms need to rest up and unwind.  If they need a break, so do you momma! After feeding, washing, cleaning and dealing with toddlers who have melt downs at the mere thought of nap time, you need to put your feet up and enjoy some “me” time. Why not pamper yourself like a fabulous star and have a little spa moment at home? Wait till the wee ones are fast asleep, pop on your guilty afternoon soap, break out the bon bons and tear into your new treat from FARMHOUSE FRESH. A favorite of celeb mommy COURTENEY COX, FARMHOUSE FRESH makes fabulous creams and scrubs that will take indulgence to a new level. We had to try their Honey Heel Glaze after hearing so much about it, and we are hooked. It smells so delicious that it should have a “do not eat warning”. It comes in a charming jam jar and includes a little application brush to make it even more posh. It’s our new obsession. Our heels are soft and subtle just in time for spring. We recommend exfoliating with FARMHOUSE FRESH Fine Foot Scrub first (an Oprah fave), as this makes the glaze even more effective. So put aside the laundry, let the dishes soak and let the baby nap an extra half hour. Get gorgeous heels at in the US, and our Canadian mommies can go to